Hey LaVergne – Here’s a Huge Opportunity for You

It looks like the county school system is thinking about selling the land by the new schools (the new LaVergne Middle and the LaVergne Lake Elementary) where they had originally planned to build a new high school.  Now we all know that a certain developer has probably already jumped to the head of the line to put in more high density housing, but just in case he hasn’t, “HEY LaVERGNE!  Here’s a huge opportunity for you!”

I hope the city will consider finding a way to purchase said property.  And even if it takes several years, wouldn’t that be just the IDEAL location for a city swimming pool?  I don’t want to hear about how it’s not feasible because of liability insurance, blah blah blah.  Because if Smyrna can have a swimming pool, if any number of towns around us can manage it, then we can too.

Have a swimmingly good day!


7 Responses

  1. My understanding is that when that property was sold (at a much reduced price because it was to be used for schools) to the county school system, it was with the understanding that it would be used for schools only — no developement. There was even a letter that went to the school board from one of the owners of the land stating that. She did not want to look out of her window & see the dense development in that area that had taken place all around her. Looks like there is no honorability in this city or county. When people do something in good faith, it should be honored & when someone accepts something with conditions set forth, that’s the way it should be. The buzzards are circling . . . could probably get several HUNDRED houses squeezed into that space! Sorry, Ms. Faith.

  2. Also, if the land is developed around the schools, what’s going to happen when they schools are once again overflowing with the added influx of people from the developed property? How will the schools be able to expand? What kind of planning or LACK OF is this??

  3. I know the city is not the same as the school board, who is apparently the people selling the property, but I agree with Cee Dee- I would absolutely hate to see yet more development in the area around the schools. Why not turn it into a community center or other area for adult supervised activities for kids? One of the biggest complaints I hear is about the teen crime rate, I have to wonder if there was more for teens to do around here in a supervised environment, if crimes by teens would go down.

  4. I don’t understand why they are going to sell that property. La Vergne WILL need another HS one day, and the east side of town is the perfect location. I think this is a stupid decision. The current LHS is in a bad location relative to the population of La Vergne proper.

    Maybe they should turn LHS into a middle school and build a new HS?

  5. La Vergne WILL need another HS one day, and the east side of town is the perfect location.

    I’m really quite surprised it doesn’t need a new high school already, with the way the population has exploded. LHS has been the only high school in LaVergne for the entire time I’ve lived in Rutherford County- over 16 years- was LHS just too big for all the kids that went there, then, or is it too small now?

  6. With the rapid growth in LaVergne, LHS is quickly reaching the point of being overcrowded. My daughter is a freshman there now – there aren’t enough lockers (yet the students have been told they can’t share), most of her classes are way too crowded and some of them are too big for each kid to have their own textbook, which I find absolutely absurd. They keep adding on, but there’s no more room for expansion and all the last addition did was eat into what little parking area remains, anyway. I personally know several kids that park at the Catfish House or at Lowe’s and hike to LHS from there. Perhaps they should restrict parking to juniors and seniors only, but these are kids that work after school and can’t wait on the buses. (The bus situation at LHS is a whole other mess that I won’t get into here.)

    If they’re not going to build a new high school anytime soon, they’re going to have to rezone some of the LHS kids to Smyrna High School, which will not go over very well with the students. Mine threatened to drop out rather than go to Smyrna, but I think she was only kidding! :)

    I told her we’re probably safe from rezoning since we live on the very northern edge of the county and she’ll likely be out of high school before anything is done, anyway.

    In case you haven’t figured out my point from my tirade . . . yes, LaVergne desperately needs a new high school in the next couple of years, and I’m quite disappointed (but not surprised) that the powers-that-be aren’t thinking very far down the road!

  7. If there had to be another elementary school and middle school common sense should tell the city of Lavergne that they need a high school. Because of the overcrowding at the high school, some of the teachers are becoming “mean” and “not caring” like davidson county schools. I don’t know about you but I moved to Lavergne mainly because of the school system over Davidson. NO MORE HOUSES. You can only live in one house at a time and with the economy problems we are having, a school is more important than a house that you know you can’t really afford. Why don’t someone out there that has more money than they know what to do with it donate some money for a school. Lavergne knows they need a high school but in the end in any situation it’s all about the money!
    Because of the overcrowding at Lavergne High School there is not enough staff to watch over as many kids that are attending that school.

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