Saturday News and Link Dump

Welcome the new Library Director in LaVergne.  Joe Gunter looks like one interesting person!

He has spent the better part of 2007 co-writing a science fiction/horror trilogy with one of his brothers, which is due for publication sometime next year. His “non-library” career consisted of various levels of success as a musician from 1969 to 1985.

For our new library director…


Photo from LOLCats here.

Happy result from the Amber Alert – suspect captured in Smyrna by Ginger’s daughter’s best friend’s dad.

There’s this little gem about this whacky editor of TiL.  (Like how I sneaked it in?) BEAM! 

Hannah Montana movie to be filmed in Tennessee.  My 12-year old is happy.

What kind of driver are you?  This is pretty funny stuff.  H/T: Music City Bloggers and Nashville is Talking.

If you get bored, Twittervision is pretty interesting. Talk about living in a small world!

And finally, PLEASE stay home if you’re sick.  If you haven’t already fallen victim to this flu outbreak, wash your hands frequently.

PS – Have I yet said how much I love this new layout? 

2 Responses

  1. I love the new template, too!

    How did you do the tag cloud?

  2. Ginger, It’s in the widget section. I just pulled in the “category cloud” in the widget side I wanted… as long a you have your posts tagged by category, it’s there. Of course, the bigger the font, the more stuff you have “filed” in that category.

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