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What’s on your mind LaVergne’ites?

I’ll get you started… I just saw on the news there’s been a big wreck at Waldron Road and Old Waldron Road.  One person according to DNJ is unresponsive. 

Going to a doctor for nasty ol’pink eye.  This is my new doctor… well for the last two years anyway.  I quit my old doc when I had a massive medical emergency. The ER said to see my doc the next day and they couldnt’ see me until the next week.  My nurse friend got me in to HER doc and I had emergency surgery the next day.  So I love these new doctors when you can call for an illness and get in the same day.

So what’s on YOUR mind LaVergnions?


17 Responses

  1. Last Friday I got off the interstate around 4:00 at Waldron Rd and the traffic was backed up all the way back across the bridge, almost to the light. I busted a U-E and got back on the interstate to get off at Sam Ridley. Anyone know what that was about?

  2. I have no idea what that one was about. I do have to say that I am not happy with NRS Soccer in Smyrna and the fact that the fees have gone up once again and we have nothing to show for it.

  3. I don’t know anything about soccer (my kids played everthing else but soccer growing up). Does anyone know of a gymnastics place close by? I’m wanting to start my 3yo grand daughter in something.

  4. Don’t know anything about accidents, soccer, or gymnastics… I do M’boro Rd to Nir Shreibman Blvd (the cut thru) & Kum Sung Tae Kwon Do.

    I did notice that they were clearing out the Bi-Lo building on Tuesday. Weeeeeee!!! Hearing that construction will be large. Building new offshoots (El Rodeo & Great Clips etc moving into them ???) and extending to the rear.

  5. I want to take this time and thank our local government for taking a stand and doing something about the cars next door to me. They are all gone now. It took a few weeks to get them moved but now the area looks so much better. I dont know what the city did but hey thank you and way to go gang!! Codes dept rocks!

  6. I guess what’s on my mind is why oh why are there ignorant people that feel the need to drive around with their car stereos thumping so loud that plates rattle in my cupboards? The police would make out like bandits if they ticketed all of the offenders. I guess I am officially middle-aged now that I say what is up with these crazy kids and their music! ha ha…oh and the fact I have progressive lenses in my glasses doesn’t help either. :-)

  7. On the same subject (sort of) as tammy, I find myself now in the older generation because everytime I see kids wearing those big ol’ drooping pants with their undies showing, I want to say, “Pull up your pants!” Wasn’t there a police chase caught on tape where the bad guy’s pants fell down so he fell and was captured. Heh.

  8. I know! PULL UP YOUR PANTS! LOL. BTW, is 41 old? Yikes I have one more week of 40…

  9. I’m looking back at 40 so 41 even seems pretty young.

  10. Just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that sometime in March I will be opening a clogging studio and my husband will start teaching drum lessons. We’re excited! Hope everyone has a great day!

  11. I heard a pastor speak once that told a story about the sagging. He at one time worked a prison ministry. The new prisoners (fresh meat) were made to wear their pants sagging so the “seasoned” detainees could catch tem easier. The pastor then went to work with a school ministry and would tell the sagging story at the high schools that he spoke. “You should have seen all of them pants going up really fast all around the auditorium.” I will never forget that story. And I keep telling my 5 year old to keep his pants up where they belong.

  12. wow, an open topic appears to be a hit!

    Mark, great to hear the good news on codes enforcement.

    I buy carpenters/painters pants, I don’t let them sag. I hate the hoodies that are apparently in style now. I’m only 8 years removed from high school, what will school look like when my son get’s there!?

    I too have a neighbor who plays his music too loud. He is in his 30’s and has 4 kids, now even I feel old when I want him to turn it down!

    Cedar Grove has a neighborhood watch, and I would encourage every subdivision to start one. We work together to determine what our neighborhood needs from the police, and then we ask. LPD has done a GREAT job of ticketing speeders on Wolverine Trail.

    Anybody know if the city plans on completing sidewalks in subdivisions that don’t have them? All devlopement approved after, I believe, 2003 had to have sidewalks. But when it’s mixed in with previously built homes, it looks silly to have all the sidewalks that aren’t connected.

    I recently got a reponse on my email from Mayor Erwin. A couple of interesting comments is that he says he ‘has no plans’ to allow any new R-3 zoning which I think is great. He also says he has talked to the groundskeeper about adding more color to Murfreesboro road, I assume the median. I recomended a tree-lined parkway to Smyrna. Also says that the housing slowdown is hurting Smyrna and M’boro worse than us. It seems we would be hurt more since we rely primarily on residential property taxes due to our minimal retail, but he’s the mayor, he should know.

    ok, I think that’s all from me

  13. Oh, one more. I don’t like the term ‘Lavergnions’ because it sounds too much like minions. How about Lavergneites? Lavergnians? North Rutherfordians?

    If we were congress we would spend millions for a committe to investigate this.

  14. Actually I reguarly study both markets. Yes, M’boro and Smyrna are down, but Smyrna is faring a little better than LaV. Home prices are holding strong and days on market are less in S. UNLESS you start counting the homes that cost more than $200,000. Those are dipping because there are more of them in Smyrna.

  15. Let’s call all of us Lavergnemaniacs. There send me a couple billion to save the Congressional study!

  16. La Vergniacs?
    La Vergners?
    La Vergni?

    Or as those from Grand Forks, ND know all too well…..

    “Grand Forkers”

  17. “Lavergnions
    La Vergners
    La Vergni”

    How about “Greenies”? Or is that taken? :D

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