Parade of Homes is this Sunday

Parade of HomesWe’re now up to 21 homes that will be open this weekend in Lake Forest…. and I’m hoping you’re making plans to stop by!  If you know anyone who is considering a move, this would be a great time to let them know about some of the great things we have going for us in LaVergne.  If you’re scratching your head wondering what I’m talking about, consider the nice schools, easy access to the lake, convenience to Nashville, convenient to shopping and entertainment, sister city to Smyrna with all kinds of great parks and recreation, and most important — some really neat people (like you!).

We will have two lenders at the open houses.  Scott Matuk of First Community Mortgage will be at my listing on 279 Bill Stewart. He’ll be able to fairly quickly let you know if you can qualify for a home loan and how much.  In addition, Toni Swarthout of Sellers Financial will be at the listing located at 711 Little John Cove to work with buyers.

You will be able to pick up information about the Parade of Homes at every home on the tour, including a map and registration form for some great prizes.  To see all the homes on the Parade, go here.  If you visit at least 10 of the 21 homes on the tour, you will be eligible for a drawing of some faboo gifts:

  • $75 GAS gift card
  • $50 gift card to Super Target
  • $25 gift certificate to WillStan’s Grille, and
  • $5, $10, and $15 gift certificates to The Lazy Pig Barbecue

There are 19 agents from at least a half dozen real estate companies who hope to see you there on Sunday.  And remember… even if you don’t win one of these big prizes, the Easter Bunny may pay an early visit and leave some chocolate!


4 Responses

  1. Is this a free parade of homes or one that charges admission? I love PoHs, but I have to admit I really hate having to pay in order for someone to attempt to sell me something.

    It’s why I stopped shopping at Costco, too.

  2. It’s free. All free. It’s not a “decorator” type showcase, but one that is encouraging folks to get to know Lake Forest and the great homes and buys available. Plus there’s chocolate. :)

  3. mmm…guess I may have to be checking out me some houses…

  4. Is this another Kathy T. production? If so, then I am so very proud of you and I hope this goes well for you.

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