She is the Drooling Queen

Went to the dentist earlier for a temporary crown and impressions for a perm crown. So I’m in kind of a goofball mood wherein I don’t want to search for LaVergne news to share.  Instead, I give you the *best commercial ever courtesy of my pal Newscoma and the queen of San Fran Goodness, Brittney.

*Note: I was a little uncomfortable the first time I saw this.  It was so awesomely terrible that I had to look away. Then I found out it’s just a farce by John Waters…. you know… a JOKE.  Whew!


5 Responses

  1. It’s not really a farce by John Waters but it’s in the same vein I’m thinking.
    Hope your mouth is better. That sounds horrendous.

  2. that was not worth my time…very bad! worse than a tooth ache.

  3. Gee thanks for your support, Mark. I can tell you after returning from the dentist, it is NOT worse than a toothache. It’s supposed to be a comedy… funny. :p

  4. Kathy It was bad…….I know your houmor and that is nothing like you…….I hope your tooth is better I had my pulled out a few weeks ago so I know whatits like girlfriend.

  5. Well I thought it was funny!

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