Interview with the Mayor

Don’t forget the Parade of Homess today!

The DNJ features a very interesting interview with Mayor Ronnie Erwin today.  Here’s what he says about some of the projects in the 2008-09 budget (along wtih raises for city workers):

Storm towers (with sirens and spoken warning instructions) are very important. It seems like the Middle Tennessee area is getting more storms, so we’re getting more calls out of concern. Safety of citizens is always first on this board’s mind. That’s a project that will make everyone happy. Anything dealing with safety affects everybody. Four would cost $110,000. The first tower is estimated around $52,000 and it would (be placed in Veterans Memorial Park), cover the four schools on Stones River and the park. So I’ve covered the children all the way around. We’d start this budget year and add probably a total of five in the next two budget years.


We’ll still look somehow down the road at getting some kind of rec building. It’s still in the dreams. I want to do something for the seniors first. They’ve been promised a building since I’ve been in office (six years), so this board wants to do something for them. We’d love to do some kind of rec building. More trails. Other subdivisions are requesting parks and trying to see where we can get land to put more greenways.

Come to think of it, how about a building and recreation area for the youth of LaVergne?  Go read the rest of the article for insight about what to expect in our city.


9 Responses

  1. I thought the seniors did have a building, on Stones River Road. Is that not what the building says it is?

    I assume when Mr. Mayor says rec center, he means community center? Hopefuly one with a pool!

    The writer of this article should start a softball team based on the types of questions she asked. Here’s what I want to know:

    – What is your response to citizens of La Vergne who complain that their city is being over-run with rental property and rental owners who do not care for their property?

    – It appears the only new retail coming to La Vergne is liquor stores, while Smyrna thrives on La Vergne citizens’ retail money. How do you plan to reverse this trend?

    – Many citizens look at Lake Forest as a mess because so many of the lots are tiny, and many have cars parked all over the place. What will you do about this?

    – Smyrna has made a commitment to public works projects by widening their busy 2 lane streets and installing modern street lights. Any chance we could see some similar moves with old nashville highway?

  2. -how does he feel about adding “shoulders” to narrow roads for safety BEFORE adding the “beloved” sidewalks? Is anyone really using sidewalks on the narrow roads?

    -how does he feel about making developers FIX the water problems (flooding) they’ve created BEFORE they sell lots to builders instead of leaving it for the City to pay for with citizens’ tax $$?

    -how does he feel about the problems “the largest subdivision in the state” has caused with the over-population of that side of town…of course, he wants to leave the other side of town for the “big homes with the big lots” and keep the “little ones” in the LFE area – thanks a lot, Mr. Mayor.

  3. I agree with you, Michael — not much substance to this interview. These are almost elementary school questions.

    Did anyone else hear gun shots in LFE this morning between 2:00 & 3:00 followed by sirens? Seems to only get worse — Police “substation” won’t work if the police are sitting in the station with their feet proped up — need them on the streets!

  4. Rental property– we have the past and present planning commission members to thank for the rental property situation in my opinion. You allow developers and builders to do as they please and the city gets stuck with the mess. O down well get you in and when you are in and the ballon note appears or the note can not be paid you are out. What happens to the property—-section 8 or rental. How can we stop this? I honestly do not know at this point. I always seem to be the bad guy when I offer my suggestions. Which is–make builders and the developers responsible for the true impacts they have on our city. Stop the building on 0 lot lines. Stop the 0 down gets you in and stop the letting anything goes theory. And when you have a city council that gets rid of the Board of Zoning Appeals the most diversified board we had, and give it to who? The Planning Commission? The same group of men that passed LFE. I have been to LFE on flooding issues and I have done my best to get problems solved. It would really be nice to see some of your faces at the meetings to voice your concerns.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  5. It’s spilled milk, the rental property issue is people can not sell their homes what other choice do they have. I live at the Cottages of La Vergne and I have section eight housing all around me. We have had car break in’s and house break in’s. Seems to be a developer in La Vergne that likes to make all his money off of poor people. It is sad that La Vergne has spent alot of the tax payers money to build a library and you have a run down section eight hotel and you fuel the fire by building a brand new liquor. Are any of the meetings after 6pm m-f?

  6. Another drug bust in LFE yesterday — let’s build more “afforadable” (aka Section 8) housing & bring in more crime. Go to juvenile court & see how many cases a week are brought before the judges that come from “gang” activity in LFE — it should scare all of us. We have a lot more to worry about unfortunately than the Senior Citizens’ building, widening Waldron Road, building sidewalks, etc. (all very important, I agree), but our safety is being put at risk every day & any money the city has should be going to our protection. Our children need to be able to play, go to school, walk down the street without fear of being met by any type of gang activity. No I don’t want my taxes raised, expecially when I have been told our mayor does not pay city OR county taxes because he rents his home. That would certainly add insult to injury. The city needs to get a grip on the money it has & use it more wisely — like adding qualified, experienced & honest police officers to protect us all. The waste by the present administration is astounding — almost $200,000 approved to ONCE AGAIN pursue right of ways & easements for the forever talked about widening of Waldron Road. That money was alloted before & spent supposedly for that purpose. As I understand it, the process was not done by Feberal regulations, so it has to be done again. HOW MANY ALDERMEN DOES IT TAKE TO GET THINGS DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME???? Just exactly WHERE IS OUR MONEY GOING? Is anyone watching the hen house?

  7. I believe we are about to witness yet another junk yard,or car lot,if you want to use that definition,on Old Nashville Highway across from a market and the small restaurant(Liz’s ?).Where are the zoning meetings being held.Since the mayor is or was in the used car business,how many of his friends will be allowed to junk up an area?

  8. no, that’s not a used car lot, that’s Larro’s Market. It will be the only gas station on Old NAshville Highway

  9. I am referring to the building where they just painted the awning green.This in on Old Nashville Pky across from another market and adjacent to where Larro’s is being built.

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