Get a Load of this Rain

The rain is pouring on my end of LaVergne … and what a perfect day this has been to schedule work for later in the day rather than morning.   I hope no one is experiencing flooding and that the strong winds haven’t done any damage.  I did see a big Bradford Pear tree down at LaVergne High School yeesterday afternoon from the winds.

So on this rainy day, I give you some links:

Woot!  One day deals can be really sweet. I bought a weather radio, some iPod speakers, and someone gave me a screaming monkey from Woot.  Watch for the Woot-Offs where there’s a constant caravan of cool buys.  Shipping is always $5. WOOT!

The Night Sky.  This is a great tutorial for anyone who likes to look at stars.  I could spend hours lying in a field staring at the night sky, but then the mosquitos get me.  Yes, I’m ready for warm weather already!

Want to find a real time-waster?  Boomshine may be just that.  I once popped all the colored dots and made the top score list because I got massive bonus points.  I usually wait top them when all the circles start moving toward one place.

˙dılɟ ɥʇıʍ unɟ ǝɯos ǝʌɐH  Go here to learn how.

The List Universe is of the funny.

And finally in advance of Easter, my favorite funny cartoon ever.

my butt hurts


2 Responses

  1. Kathy T. I am sorry missed your phone call this evening and I hope you had a great day? I hope my message didnt freak you out too much this afternoon. Like I stated I have been in this really odd mood and don’t know why! I will chat with you at a later time and place on this bat channel!! I just found out that I have Katnap fever!!

  2. Kathy, get a look at News Channel 5s website. LFE is in the headlines again, this time a 4 yo child taken away from her drug dealing parents. So sad…..

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