Reason #27 to Eat in LaVergne

Chip tells us of his Taco Bell experience in Smyrna yesterday

When she came back in to customer view, she still had her gloves on, she never washed her hands and she rubbed her hands over her clothing.  GROSS!!!!! 

As stated in the headline, it’s reason #27 to eat at our LaVergne Taco Bell! 

7 Responses

  1. The only problem I have with Taco Bell in LaVergne is the wait. Had to wait about 30 minutes for food. I believe that is too long to wait.

  2. 30 minutes for Taco Bell???? Good Grief

  3. Sadly, the LaVergne Taco Bell is actually faster than Smyrna’s. Trufax.

  4. Should the new term be “Slow Food”?

  5. Just so everyone knows, I visited the Taco Bell today in La Vergne. I was greeted with a smile, my order was presented in less than five minutes. My food was hot and wonderfully made. :)

  6. I havent been to taco bell since they opened here and had to wait for 30 minutes myself and then got my order wrong…..I now go to and really love Red Burrito at Hardee’s on Waldren road…man the food there is costly but very very good and no wait!! try them reall friendly service too the ladies in the drive thru are always smiling….

  7. I’ve sworn off stopping at the Taco Bell in LaVergne. When I ordered a quesadilla at the drive thru and was asked if that was a mexican pizza or mexi-melt, I left the drive-thru and went in. After 25 minutes (2 people in front of me) the food was still not correct. I had them remake it and they CRUSHED the shell (probably on purpose) of my crunchy taco. That’s just a few of my issues with this location. The one in Smyrna is still worse. When I want Taco Bell, I will honestly drive all the way downtown to the one on West End. They know me there and NEVER get my food wrong.

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