Have You Pinged the LaV Population Radar?

PING! My house has five, Ginger gave LaV two more, Ivy five, View from the Lake five, Chip two … how many people live in your LaVergne house who have been or need to be counted? 

It’s not too late to fill out your census form ONLINE!!!

LaVergne’s 2008 census is on life support because not enough people have returned the form, filled it out online, or answered their doors when the Box 100 volunteer group comes knocking.  With a stipend of $20,000 to learn how many residents live in LaV, the city could bring in $555,000 more dollars if we hit 27,000.  So far counters have only reached 21,500 – down a couple thousand from the 2005 census.

It’s not too late to fill out your census form ONLINE!!!

So if you’re one of about six thousand people who haven’t responded, please ping the city.  The dollars we receive from the Feds will help the city tremendously if we meet the goal of 27,000.

Read more about LaVergne’s census efforts, along with Smyrna and Murfreesboro (they’re down too) right here in the Daily News Journal.

It’s not too late to fill out your census form ONLINE!!!


News We Can Use

Looks like our beloved Post office is now in its new location!  Can we just say Yippee!!!!!!  I really hated that little parking lot it was in.  I hardly ever went to our Post Office because it was so small and it always felt dirty.  (just my opinion)

I certainly look forward to visiting the new office frequently.  Who knows, maybe I can fit my school bus in this parking lot. :)

Manic Monday: Open Thread Day

We haven’t done an open thread in a while AND I’m working all day, so we’re having an open thread day to talk about what’s on your mind, LaVergne!

I’ll start.  Why is it that every single time I take a stroll in a public place, I have to dodge where someone has spit on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.  This is just gross.  Please spitters… stop being so disgusting.  If you MUST spit in public, please aim where people don’t have to SEE it or step in it.  Yuck.

City Investigations are Complete

The city has completed investigations of possible racist comments made by city employees. Documentation is available for one of the probes; other reports will be coming.

According to the DNJ,

The mayor said the investigations have taken so long because he wanted to ensure anyone who was involved or may have saw or heard anything had a chance to speak with City Administrator Mark Moshea.

I have a sinking feeling that we haven’t seen the last of this.  I hope city officials look deep to see if this is the best message they as a city can communicate to the public about our community.  Something is broken and it needs to be fixed. 

Bullies Bullying the Bullied

The DNJ ran another article today about the hostile work environment experienced by some city employees. Read the article right here.

Seriously, bullying is exactly what to call the alleged behavior of city employees.  Wikipedia gives us this,

According to the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute workplace bullying is “repeated, health-harming mistreatment, verbal abuse, or conduct which is threatening, humiliating, intimidating, or sabotage that interferes with work or some combination of the three.”

When someone tries to threaten, humiliate or intimidate a colleague, fellow employee, or someone they supervise, it is bullying. Our public schools try their best to prevent bullying, so why would a place where ADULTS work allow it?  To our mayor’s credit, he is requiring all employees to take sensitivity training. 

I can only hope the training doesn’t end up like Michael Scott’s sensitivity training in The Office (only the best show on TV!).  I can’t find a clip, but here’s one with Michael v. Toby.

Just. Good. Grief.


This is BEAUTIFUL LaVergne Award

This is LaVergne is pleased to announce that we have selected an April winner for the first ever “This is Beautiful LaVergne” award.  To ensure the privacy of winners, we are not publishing addresses.  We hope to reach the point in the future where people are nominated by their neighbors and we have permission to print addresses.  However, we applaud the winner and two runners-up for maintaining a beautiful yard and outside-of-home!

Home in Lake Point subdivision.


Not only is the lawn mowed, but the shrubbery is nicely trimmed and flowers have already been planted to welcome spring and bloom this summer.  This home has obviously been well-cared for and I would be thrilled to have a neighbor like this!

Home in Lake Forest Estates subdivision.

This home is always neat and maintained – from winter through summer.  The landscaping rock and corner garden are nice, but the curve around the front flower garden and a wooden fence (not pictured) definitely add a special touch.  Here’s the garden curve:

RUNNER UPKathy’s Pick
Home in Stones River Cove subdivision

This house has pansies by the mailbox, the base of the trees are cultivated, lawn is mowed, flowering shrubbery is gorgeous, and finishing touches include a wicker chair on front porch, wreath on the door, and little statuettes that are whimsical.

Great job to the winner and runners-up!  We hope their beautiful lawns will inspire YOU to get outside, work on your yard, and submit it to This is LaVergne for consideration in May.

Giant Mosquitos Invade LaV

They aren’t really giant mosquitos… nay.  They are crane flies.  And they seem to be everywhere!  As I searched the Internet for photos of a crane fly, I did learn something new.  They are nicknamed “Daddy Long Legs.”  I always thought Daddy Long Legs were the spider things, not the winged insects.

Slow news day, I suppose, but I expect our site will be hopping later this week if the news I’ve heard through the grapevine is true. 

OH…and Ivy and I will be picking a beautiful home at some point this week to announce our first ever winner!  Stay tuned!!