La Vergne Wine Tasting a Success!

Last week’s wine tasting hosted by Wine and Spirits Unlimited was a rousing success!

I was so pleased when I entered the full room at WillStans Grille, with folks from different walks of life, all gathered to have an enjoyable evening tasting and learning about different types of wines.

Now a word from The Big Guy…

Hello everyone and thank you for an unprecedented turn out to our first wine tasting of the year at Willstan’s Grille. We at Wine and Spirits Unlimited would have been thrilled to have twenty people show up, but instead we were treated to 35 patrons. Half of the attendees stayed for a 10 percent discount on their dinner at Willstan’s.

The wines were great. I think we changed many peoples minds over what they like and do not like about certain wines. We also broke down some barriers and allowed people to try wines at their own pace and with relative ease. The wine notes provided a nice basis to start out with, but we left room for our wine tasters to jot down their own likes and dislikes (more likes, though).

Thank you again, and be looking for another wine tasting to be scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of May.

See you soon.

The Big Guy and the Staff at Wine and Spirits Unlimited

On a personal note, I had never had a chance to learn and understand the differences in various wines. I honestly just thought people were being “wine snobs” about it. This was such a great opportunity to taste ten(!) different kinds of wine by just sipping without having to waste an entire glass (or wake up with a headache the next morning)!

The informational handouts were so useful, because Jeremy merely suggested what we might taste in each kind without giving too much information away. That way we could decide for ourselves what we our senses were telling us.

Surprisingly, the very wine I thought I would not like — Matua Sauvignon Blanc — with hints of grapefruit and lemon grass — was my very favorite wine of them all!

The appetizers and incredibly nice staff at WillStans made the evening even that much more enjoyable. I met some great fellow La Vergnians (La Vergnites?), too!

A great time was had by all.

I’ll be sure to post a reminder about the next wine tasting coming up in May, and I hope to see you there!


5 Responses

  1. I am not into wine but have a beer tasting event and I am all over it like stink on doggie do…lol…glad you had a fabulous time Ginger…

  2. I hate that I missed this event. Perhaps another chance in the future. :) I’m glad it was a good turnout.

  3. […] ventured out and about to a local wine tasting in La Vergne, and being the good samaritan that she is, has reported back. On a personal note, I had never had a […]

  4. I think this was a fantastic concept that sounds like it was a great success. I’m thrilled that it was offered and hope to make the next one. Definite kudos to WillStans Grille and Wine & Spirits Unlimited!! Thanks, Ginger, for sharing.

  5. always a good time….nothing beats wine tasting

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