If It Weren’t Friday, I’d Commit Hari Kari

This has not been an easy week.  And this post will likely never get read or commented on since it’s posted so close to (or past) quitting time on Friday.  But there are some things that must be said and shown.

First, I am interested in hearing from any of our police officers about something. I received a speeding ticket yesterday (my FIRST EVER) (GRRRR) on Sam Ridley Pkwy. with my cruise control set at 48.  The officer said he clocked me going 60.  I was like, “But how is that possible, officer?  Could maybe someone have been passing me and you tagged me?”  “No ma’am.”  I was so upset, but now I’m just PO’d about it.  So is it possible for police to do that?  And what would’ve been so bad about just giving me a dang warning?   I’m screaming in my head!  Uh!  Note, the officer was perfectly nice (except he could’ve just given me a warning since I wasn’t speeding) and it was Smyrna, not LaVergne.  Is there ever any way that someone can SUCCESSFULLY fight a ticket or am I just … you know… SOL and $95 poorer.

Second, be cautious if you ever eat at the Barbecutie on Nolensville Road past Bell Road.  This is what a friend of mine found in her salad after eating half it.

Yum Yum Gimme Some

 After eating half the salad she found this?  No.  After eating half the BUG.  The worst part is that BARBECUTIE did not refund her meal.  Instead they said, “Well sometimes bugs get in lettuce.”  And then they chased her out to the parking lot and tried to make her give the cicada back.  Probably so people like me wouldn’t post the picture in public places.

In other news, Lisa sent a comment,

I found a Male Chocolate Labrador recently in my neighborhood off of Jefferson Pike and Old Nashville Highway. He is in good condition with a blue collar – he is very friendly – I am sure someone is missing him by now. He has been sleeping on my front porch and in the garage as it’s been raining. Please contact me – would love to see him back with his rightful owner.

If you think the Fido might be yours, shoot me an email at kathy (at) bobparks (dot) com and I’ll send your email or phone to Lisa so she may contact you and make arrangements.

Finally I’ll be at a carwash tomorrow from 10am to 2pm at Bob Parks Realty on Sam Ridley Parkway (if I can somehow manage to get there without a speeding ticket).  Money raised is being donated to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  It’s a good cause.

Have a safe weekend!


8 Responses

  1. Leaving a comment just because you said nobody would comment. Har!

  2. MMMMMM…Protein!!!

    Looks like I may have to run by the old carwash today. IF the rain ever stops!!!

  3. Any new news on Kroger…. do not see any movement on getting construction started at the old Bilo building. I did see were they auctions off all the old equipment in the building a couple weeks ago.

  4. Hi, forgive me because I know this is not the proper place to probably ask this question but I am new to this site. I have a question for a few of the people that live in Lake Forest Subdivision…. I have having issues with my neighbors that are running a business out of their home that I feel should not be allowed in this residential neighborhood… I wont go into any detail yet, but if you could tell me where the proper place would be to post a question like this I would love some input on the subject.

  5. Teah, I would contact the city codes office and ask them. The number is 213-2624… just explain what you’ve asked here. Good luck!

  6. Hi, I live in Ohio and was researching Barbecutie and came across your blog. They are getting ready to open one in our town and i was curious to see what their menu was like. Seeing your half-eaten cicada makes me think it might not be such a great place to eat.
    On another note, I am a cancer survivor , a daughter of a two-time cancer survivor and team captain of a local Relay for Life team, so I wanted to say thanks for supporting a cause close to my heart. You go, Girl!

  7. Hi Shel, Actually there’s another BarBeCutie nearby and it’s really good. I think it just depends on who works there and manages the place whether it’s great or not! :)

    Thank you so much, also, for the attagirl on the Relay for Life. We’ve had very successful years, but other times people just don’t seem to be interested. I think it’ll be difficult this year because people seem to be so financially strapped that they may not be able to give as much as in the past. Glad to hear you’re a survivor and your Mom too!

  8. I thought the Kroger was supposed to go in the old Southern Market building?

    I think it’s terrible that new construction goes up when perfectly sound buildings stand empty. Use what’s already available first!

    Speaking of old/new construction, I see that the NW corner of Stones River Road x Murfreesboro Road has been flattened. I wonder what will go in there next?

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