Free Prom Dress

I should maybe post this on freecycle but I kinda like ya’ll so I’m asking here. I know a couple girls who are going to junior prom and looking for prom dresses. If you are someone like you happen to have a size 18 (possibly 20, depending on the dress) size prom dress that they’d be willing to part with, please email me at dailydiablogger AT gmail DOT com.


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  1. I don’t have a size 18 or 20, but I do have a nice size 12-14 dress that I can’t seem to give away. I will be happy to donate it to a young lady who might need it. Email me at ileandra@yahoo if you know someone in need.

  2. Hi my name is Olajumoke Olabisi. I am dying for a prom dress right now. What kind of a dress is it? I’ve been delaying because I haven’t had enough money to buy a good prom dress, and I dont want to go to prom sad because I don’t like my dress. Please help me out. And my size if from 12-14. Please send me a pic of the dress. Thanks so much. Reply me. I hope I get the dress.

    Olajumoke Olabisi

  3. hi im looking for a dress but dont have much money and am the right size for the dress you explained. Also if it would be possible could you send me a picture of the dress? thank you very much please email me back. oh and before i forget um the dress what type is it like is it a princess type on how its poofy or is it a flat type with no poof? please email me back thank you so much again cant wait to hear back from you.

  4. hi this amie tarwater the sizes you put out are the same size as me and i am going to prom this year and i was just looking for a dress online but they dont have anything for big girls like me and the upses me a little just right back a tell me where i can get them and or if you would let me also what color are they and what do they look like

  5. Hi my name is Keitha Arnett and I am wanting to go to prom this year and I have no money and I dont live with my parents so I cant get money from them. I am in deffinate need for a dress size 12/14 I was wondering if any of you ladies may have something I can use. You can email me at I would really appreciate it and it would be a huge miracle for me.

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