Time to Spring Clean Your Home

With spring definitely in the air today, it’s time to think about giving your home a good cleaning.  Not that any of us (*cough*) have messy homes that need a good spring cleaning or anything, but….

Okay!  Here’s a great site that gives you 52 ways to spring clean your home.  Also, I found some great tips for spring cleaning over at Home Ec 101.  Room to room here we go with random tips pulled from the posts!


  • Pull all the furniture away from the walls and wash the baseboards and use your edging tool on your vacuum cleaner to clean where the wall and carpet meet.
  • If your curtains can be washed, take them down and wash them. If not, do a thorough vacuuming of your curtains. Wash the windows, too!

Kitchen and Bath


  • Dust the ceilings and tops of your cabinets, then wash the fronts of the cabinets. Pull your stuff out of the cabinets and re-organize. Wash the insides of the cabinets if necessary.
  • Yes, you are going to have to deal with the plastic stuff cabinet, too. Suck it up and just do it.
  • Go through your pantry or wherever you keep the food. Get rid of anything that is expired or you’re just never going to eat. Don’t give expired stuff to a food pantry, but anything you’re not going to eat can be donated to a food pantry.


  • Now, the crappy part. (Pun totally intended) Tackle the toilet. Start with cleaning the bowl, then clean everything else. Take it apart, if you need to. If cleaning the toilet really grosses you out, imagine you’re a crime scene investigator or you’re cleaning some rich and famous person’s toilet. I used to clean toilets of the rich and famous and their toilets were as nasty- sometimes nastier- than anyone else’s.

Disastrously Messy Homes

  • A completely messy house is overwhelming, so let me tell you where to start. Start with the laundry. Picking up those clothes that are strewn everywhere will make an immediate difference in how your house looks, plus it’s a task that you can do while you’re doing lots of other things. As you’re doing laundry, put a plastic bag by the dryer for  clothes you are going to give away.
  • Once the laundry’s rolling, go clean the smallest room in your house. Usually, that’s a bathroom. Or sometimes it’s your laundry room, which is handy since you’re doing all this laundry anyway- might as well have a sparkly clean laundry room to do all that laundry in. Bag up trash, get rid of stuff you won’t use, and wash the floors. Dust the walls and wash the woodwork. Clean it as if your mother-in-law was coming to inspect it with white gloves.

Once you’ve done some spring cleaning, go to the OUTSIDE of your house and start cleaning.  Wonder why?  Special announcement coming tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. Sorry . . . it’s WAY too pretty outside to stay in and clean. That’s what rainy days are for. I’m headed back out to my deck with a glass of iced tea and a good book. :)

  2. Apparently April 7th is considered “No Housework Day”.


  3. Just don’t try to take and trash to the dump on Sunday’s. They are not only busy but very very full. Tuesday’s and Friday’s are the best.

    Got the garage half empty (i.e. cleaned out) this weekend.

  4. thankfully i am no longer living in germany and there are no laws in australia like germany so spring cleaning becomes a simplier exercise, however sunny weather has the same impact on me.. sit out back relaxing listening to music

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