Where is Matt Church???

Anybody know what happened to Matt? I met him at a Neighborhood Watch meeting about a year ago, but haven’t heard anything about him since. I’ve emailed him a couple of times, is he still in LV? I know he lost a close contest for Alderman and didn’t know if he decided to skip town?

One of the comments in this DNJ article says he was falsely arrested. Can anyone corroborate that?



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  1. He is still around. I don’t know if he still has the same email or not. I know that he has had some health and family issues that he has dealt with for several months. I saw him last month.

  2. He is around . You can find him at the ball feilds.

  3. I hope he decides to run for office again. I think the problem last time was that he was running for Senna Mosely’s council position, and Mosely was running for Mayor. I have nothing against Ms. Mosely, but at the time I wasn’t sure I wanted her as the mayor. If we could get three alderman with the passion of Ms. Mosely, I think we could actually get some big things done in this city. Until then, I guess I’ll keep tentatively hoping for the Waldron road widening to be completed by the year 2185. Maybe that’s too hopeful.

    And just for full disclosure, I did not note in the last mayor/alderman election. It wasn’t because I didn’t know who to vote for. When I go anywhere from my house, as soon as I leave my subdivision I’m in Smyrna, I was rarely going into La Vergne and didn’t get to see the beautiful campaign signs lining every sqaure inch. I just forgot to vote :(

  4. If ur talking about the Matt Church that’s running from all the people he has scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars, then he is still in Lavergne. His next big scam is a restaraunt he undoubtedly roped another poor sucker into. The name of the restaraunt is, get this, Hero’s! The address is 5116 Murf. Rd., Ste. D in Lavergne. His last known cell # is 615-439-0014. Hope this info helps.

  5. Sassy, aren’t you the one he was in business with? Yeah, he took you under his wing, trained you, got you certified the you took a job with a competitor and wanted half of everything he had? I thought you were.

  6. well, at least now I know why he’s not running for office. I guess you either love him or hate him, literally.

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