This is the Song That Never Ends …

Want more retail in LaVergne.  Want to keep our money local.  Drive to other towns for retail.  City says better infrastructure needed to do this.

City officials are pushing to attract businesses. They took a first step this winter when they struck a deal to build a new $20 million retail center on Industrial Boulevard north of Sam Ridley Parkway. A new, larger post office is set to open April 21. A Kroger supermarket also could be built.

“We are strong in the industrial parks area. We are very residential. Now, we are trying to get more retail,” said Mayor Ronnie Erwin. “Everyone wants to shop in their own town, and I am trying to keep the money in La Vergne.”

I’m ready for news from the city that says Waldenbooks or Barnes & Noble or Joseph Beth Booksellers has committed to LaVergne.  And a fabric store.  Someone told me the other day that there is a bakery in Smyrna by Gil Family Center… anyone know anything about this?  I’d love to see a bakery/cake store in LaVergne.

Anyhoo… here’s a nice story about how bad LaVergne wants retail.

I’m off now to go do volunteer clean-up work with my Girl Scout troop.  Then I’m going to park myself in my front yard and watch the Blue Angels.  PUMPED!  Here’s are a couple of photos I took yesterday…



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  1. The bakery is a cake/mexican pastry shop to the end on the right from the Boys and Girls club strip mall. It’s called Azteca bakery or something of the sort. Pretty good and the pastries are not as sugary or fat filled as most people like. a bit dry. I like them and have been by there several times.

    I also want a bookstore so bad…not so hot on a fabric store. Maybe it’s a guy thing.

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