Did You Feel It?

Did you feel the earthquake this morning?  My husband said he felt the bed vibrate … a little rumble that he barely felt … and wondered what was going on.  I’ve heard for 30 years that the New Madrid Fault will tremble within 50 years. I wonder if the big one is coming.

Here’s where a 6.8 shook in 1895.


11 Responses

  1. I had a friend with TEMA long ago tell me that the next New Madrid big one, when it finally comes, could do lots of damage to the Memphis area. If it hit during the work day, it would be a catastrophe.

    I felt it too. Our whole house shook.

  2. […] Tennessean article; Corey Webb, This Is LaVergne, Newscoma, Malia (didn’t feel it); Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking […]

  3. I did not feel the one this morning, however I felt one last night around 8PM in Murfreesboro. It was long enough for me to get up out of my seat and grab the phone. I was planning on checking to see if there was an earthquake recorded on Thursday night today. I asked several others in the area this morning and they did not know about the earthquake this morning (4:37 one), but they felt the ground shuttering last night too!
    Anyone else feel anything last night around 8PM?

  4. Yea, the house kinda shimmied eairler in the night. Then i heard there was an earthquake but at 4:30am, so I figured it was just a coincedence. But, me and my wife both commented that the house shook a little bit eairler in the night.

  5. there was an earthquake??? I thought it was because I farted!!

  6. And here I thought MY flatulence was what caused floors to shake ad windows to rattle.

    Since I know it’s not me, I guess I can “let ‘er rip” now, huh?

  7. rip it up! I am! :-) Gosh I hope it doesn’t cause an aftershock!

  8. Ha… y’all are so bad.

  9. Sorry I woke everyone last night at 4:30am. It was me bowling and I didnt mean to cause this much drama at that hour!!

  10. I can make a fart sound like a 7-10 split.

  11. I live about 100 yards from the train tracks. If anything I probably just thought it was an extra-heavy diesel rolling up to Nashville!

    Let’s hope the New Madrid fault doesn’t get any ideas.

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