Giant Mosquitos Invade LaV

They aren’t really giant mosquitos… nay.  They are crane flies.  And they seem to be everywhere!  As I searched the Internet for photos of a crane fly, I did learn something new.  They are nicknamed “Daddy Long Legs.”  I always thought Daddy Long Legs were the spider things, not the winged insects.

Slow news day, I suppose, but I expect our site will be hopping later this week if the news I’ve heard through the grapevine is true. 

OH…and Ivy and I will be picking a beautiful home at some point this week to announce our first ever winner!  Stay tuned!!


43 Responses

  1. So that’s what those things are! I wonder why after being outside and then coming in that I didn’t have any bites on me. I was wondering why I mostly see them during the day. Even though I know they aren’t mosquitos, I’m going to avoid them like the plague. Bugs that fly scare me and annoy me. Is anyone having attacks of pillbugs, or commonly known as rollie pollies? When I come home at night, they are crawling all over my front door. Kathy, you said that you didn’t have any news, but for me, finding this out is the best thing ever!

  2. I’ve been wondering why there’s so many around now. The front of my house is covered in them every morning.

  3. KAthy, this info is more useful than you realize. I too saw these things everywhere and wondered what they were. I’ve started leaving my back deck light off to keep them away.

  4. I’ve taken to sucking them up in the vacuum cleaner hose when they invade my inner abode. Bastards.

  5. tammy – you made me laugh so hard I snorted. hooty – I haven’t had an invasion of rollie pollies, it’s the crane flies. I did have to pick up two dead birds this morning that slammed into my sunroom window so hard that they died. :( I had to dispose of them before my idiot dogs decided they were lunch. michael & x117dotdotdot – they give me the heebie jeebies.

  6. I saw one flying around the house last night. My mom always called them “galley nappers”.

  7. Crane flies (also called May flies) are VERY beneficial! Their young EAT MOSQUITO young. They are NOT daddy long-legs. Daddy long legs are related to spiders; they have 8 legs and are not insects. Flies are insects.

    Please do not kill them. The adults do not bite. They just breed more skeeter-eaters.

    If you’ve got roly-polys, you have damp wood. Roly-poly-pillbugs are wood lice. They like living in rotting, damp wood. You might want to check around your foundation to see if there is rotting wood.

  8. I’ll take this stance….Don’t Mess With Texas and Don’t Mess With Tammy. If a burgler came in my house I would a shoot them (if I had a firearm) and if a bug enters my home they meet the great equalizer…Hoover! Rusty the Cat is not doing his job so the vacuum has to do it. Useless cat.
    The above was posted in humor. :-)

  9. It is a myth that crane flies feed on mosquitoes:
    However, they do not seem to feed on anything so they’re merely annoying. Or scary depending on your perspective. Wonder if bats eat them… ;)

  10. it must be a really slow news day in Lavergne…lmao…

  11. slow news is good news. :-D

  12. Oh yes it is Tammy :)

  13. I’d always heard them called “mosquito hawks” (although my grandmother called them “galley nappers” as well, Christie). And you’re right as well, Kitti. Up in southeast and southcentral Alaska (where the mosquito is the unofficial state bird, the unofficial state motto is “Kill one, and kill a million”, and coming up with new and exciting ways to kill them is entertainment), people cultivate them and *try* to capture them in their homes.

    P.S.: Wikipedia states that despite its name, the woodlouse / roly-poly / potato bug /etc. eats dead/decaying plants, not wood. It *does* thrive in damp conditions, however, so its presence might indicate an environment that would promote wood rot.

    P.P.S.: Hope that link comes out right. :)

  14. I got you all beat…

    I go bee’s.

  15. I live in a townhouse that were built about 7 years ago. I looked around the door jam (dodging the crane flies). And I didn’t see anything unusual. The paint still looks fresh and don’t see any bare wood exposed. I’m having a problem with carpet beetles too. My house is just infested with bugs, but I’m a clean person!!!!!

  16. Mike- if they’re honey bees, that’s a good thing. Do NOT kill them- it is illegal. Bees are becoming more and more endangered as time goes on.

  17. Since when is it illegal to kill a bee? If they sting you, they die anyway. I’ve just never heard of this before.

  18. die you little bee… die I say!!!

  19. Angie- I can’t find the exact case law- an extension agent told me killing honey bees is illegal due to the severe drop in wild bees. Here’s a bit more on colony collapse disorder, the main cause of honey bees becoming endangered:

    Without bees, our food supplies don’t become cross pollinated, without that, we all starve.

  20. i need to go on a diet anyways…lol

  21. Is this a sign? Is La Vergne getting a super Wal-Mart?

  22. SUPER WALMART???? Really….. :-)

  23. I hate you, Christian. ;)

  24. No lie, as I was reading all the comments, a crane/May fly came flying at my head. I hate those things, and my toddler is scared of them…go figure!

  25. Well, this plague could mean many things, I guess.

  26. Any “hints” on the grapevine news that will get this format hopping? I feel a need to do some venting myself!

  27. Y’all might want to tune in tonight to News2 at 5. Jerry Barlar is covering the story of this dreadful plague.

  28. Talk about a slow news day.

  29. Cee Dee…vent away. I did hear of some possible good news though. Shreibman who owns the gravel lot across from KFC, the weekly rentals (crack) motel, campgrounds, and the pawn shop (going out of business as we speak) wants to get rid of them a build a retail center. I hope good things move there. There is already store with beer, wine, liquor, and tabacco all combined into one. So, what else could there be? Does La Vergne have a policy on porn stores?

  30. badbadivy, it’s y’all’s fault. Y’all reported it first. We’re just trying to catch up with This Is La Vergne!

  31. I am glad we have news of this nature instead of news of other things bad! I

  32. Ok, here’s another question. Does anyone know how to keep those little bitty ants from coming in the house? My husband sprayed the yard for tics this week (please don’t tell me it’s illegal to kill a tic) and last night I found an invasion of ants in my bathroom. I couldn’t find a trail and couldn’t figure out where they came from.

    Any solutions?

  33. In general, Angie, you have to figure out where they’re coming in and plug that. However, I’ve had a couple of ant invasions where I just couldn’t figure out where they were coming in. I treat the yard and then use Terro (google it) inside the house. Terro is fabulous, it works really well.

  34. Wow, Jason, thanks for posting that. I had no idea that crane flies aren’t really mosquito hawks.

    I tried to find out what skeeter hawks actually look like but can’t find a photo on the net. Knowing my luck, they’re probably indistinguishable from crane flies.

    Had 2 crane flies in my house this morning. My old cat used to eat them (and then barf) but my dog ignores them. He only goes for houseflies.

  35. Regarding the ants – we get invaded every spring for about a week or ten days, especially if we’ve had alot of rain. Already had the invasion a couple of weeks ago and they’re gone now. They drive me crazy and seem to come up thru the water pipes – kitchen sink, dishwasher, bathtub, whatever, even though my husband swears those openings are all plugged. We’ve had Orkin out here in years past and that was a total waste of time and money. The Orkin guy told me what kind of ants they were, but I’ve forgotten now. The little monsters seem to be totally impervious to any type of exterior treatment. The best things to do are to use interior ant spray (be careful around kids, pets, food, etc) and don’t leave any pet food dishes around, ’cause the ants seem to really go for that. I know the ants are disgusting, but take a deep breath and try to be patient. The invasion won’t last long!

  36. Speaking of “bad news”, did anyone see La Vergne spotlighted in the DNJ again today regarding city employees & City Hall? Here we go again with the city mis-management! We need to do something with those in charge so our city government can run more smoothly — get rid of the good ole boy system & bring some real business management to the city — in my opinion! I believe more rocks may be turned over going forward!

  37. I’m glad to know what these crane flies are, and why they are so abundant this year. Is anyone noticing a large number of catapillars?

  38. I just noticed today all the caterpillars. It’s a buggy world! I used to freak out when I was little when I heard about the kajillions of bugs in the world. Still makes my skin crawl.

  39. I hate Crane Flies. I hate mosquitoes — but are disgusting.
    I like sleeping with my window open because otherwise IO have a hard time breathing. Usually this was problematics because mosquitoes always invaded my home. I haven’t had this problems for years though. I guess I have the Crane flies to thank. But I have a new problem — instead of mosquitoes, I get these disgusting Crane FLies invading my house!!!

  40. Do you not have screens?

  41. I didn’t kill them but they’re in my house! I’ll help them outside. Poor lil critters

  42. I was told once that if you put a bag of water above your door it will keep bugs away, is this true?

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