This is BEAUTIFUL LaVergne Award

This is LaVergne is pleased to announce that we have selected an April winner for the first ever “This is Beautiful LaVergne” award.  To ensure the privacy of winners, we are not publishing addresses.  We hope to reach the point in the future where people are nominated by their neighbors and we have permission to print addresses.  However, we applaud the winner and two runners-up for maintaining a beautiful yard and outside-of-home!

Home in Lake Point subdivision.


Not only is the lawn mowed, but the shrubbery is nicely trimmed and flowers have already been planted to welcome spring and bloom this summer.  This home has obviously been well-cared for and I would be thrilled to have a neighbor like this!

Home in Lake Forest Estates subdivision.

This home is always neat and maintained – from winter through summer.  The landscaping rock and corner garden are nice, but the curve around the front flower garden and a wooden fence (not pictured) definitely add a special touch.  Here’s the garden curve:

RUNNER UPKathy’s Pick
Home in Stones River Cove subdivision

This house has pansies by the mailbox, the base of the trees are cultivated, lawn is mowed, flowering shrubbery is gorgeous, and finishing touches include a wicker chair on front porch, wreath on the door, and little statuettes that are whimsical.

Great job to the winner and runners-up!  We hope their beautiful lawns will inspire YOU to get outside, work on your yard, and submit it to This is LaVergne for consideration in May.


6 Responses

  1. way to go gang looks wonderful wish my neighbors would make their yards look this good…..

  2. I wish MY yard looked this good! :-) Those are beautiful!

  3. wow nice! my front yard looks like crap but it is cut…so does the side yard….but the backyard is shaping up! I guess we are working on what areas we can enjoy first then do the areas that only the neighbors see

  4. This is awesome for y’all to do. It’s very inspiring. Did y’all say before that La Vergne doesn’t have a program like this?

  5. Nope I don’t think LaV has a program like this. Which is really kind of shocking because it’s not hard to do! They may have in the past, but I’m not aware of it. Que cera cera!

  6. I would love to submit my yard, my husband and I have worked hard on it, we are in the Stones River Subdivision. Thanks!
    (the house’s listed here look marvelous!!)

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