Manic Monday: Open Thread Day

We haven’t done an open thread in a while AND I’m working all day, so we’re having an open thread day to talk about what’s on your mind, LaVergne!

I’ll start.  Why is it that every single time I take a stroll in a public place, I have to dodge where someone has spit on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.  This is just gross.  Please spitters… stop being so disgusting.  If you MUST spit in public, please aim where people don’t have to SEE it or step in it.  Yuck.


42 Responses

  1. I hate that too and another thing I dislike is when someone chews tobacco and spits it in a urinal. This is gross!!!

  2. Oh, man, when I was on the beach last week, a bunch of guys came close to where I was digging a hole in the sand and were spitting. I gave them the evil eye and they finally went away. Come on, ewww, people have to walk there!

  3. As a member of the beer board, it surprises me that there never seem to be any citizens at the meetings other than sometimes family members of the board, or people applying for a permit. I wouldn’t say that the beer board is “must see TV,” but in addition to approving liceses, we also hear cases on those charged with violating our regulations, including things like selling alcohol to minors.

    While it’s not exciting all the time, we are trying to do our part to make sure that the laws of La Vergne are followed. I would tell you when the next meeting is, but I’m not sure if it is official yet (Bruce, if you’re reading this, can you let us know?). If you can’t come, I think the meetings are normally on channel 3.

  4. yeah, the spit is pretty bad, but personally, I’m disgusted over the garbage that is strewn across LaVergne, especially down Stones River, where it should be a nice and pretty ride to Hurricane Creek boat ramp, but nooooo, I see fast food bags, beer bottles, tossed diapers, empty grocery sacks…

  5. After reading the comments, I have another comment. My biggest pet peeve? People flicking their cigarette butts out the window!! Do you people not realize that the foam filter will not biodegrate? What do you think is going to happen to all these butts??? You don’t need to create more trash for the cons to pick up when they’re on trash duty.

    If you’re ever sitting in the turn lane at murfreesboro and stones river road, just look in the median to get a good idea of why it’s a problem.

  6. I am a smoker but always put my butts in the ashtray…don’t like to littler here….keep our city beautiful!!

  7. Michael you are right about the attendance at meetings. There is certainly a lack of support for all the boards. People do like to complain, but they don’t show up to make their concerns known. I do know that when a lot of folks show up at the mayor/aldermen mtgs. it makes a difference in the attitudes of the board members & possibly the decisions. If there’s no one there to give an opposing side, there’s not much one person on the board can do without the backup of the citizens. We need the changes in the city to be made at the top of the pile — make them accountable for the decisions they make — SHOW UP & BE HEARD. Too many unnecessary lawsuits — costing you & me!

  8. Michael & Cee Dee are both right! this would be a great place to post a reminder to those of us who may want to attend these meetings, but maybe just aren’t aware of when they occur…hint, hint : )

  9. I just saw in the Daily News Journal about a sobriety checkpoint on Friday that the LPD is going to have. I think it is stupid to list where the checkpoint is going to be held. DUH! Can’t catch the idiots if you tell them where you are going to be.

  10. Thursday, May 1st 5:00 M/A workshop
    Tuesday May 6th 6:30 M/A meeting both @ city hall.
    Inorder to speak you must be on the agenda by the Wed prior to the Thursday workshop. I don not like this either, but could not get enough votes to change it!!!

  11. Senna, do you have to be on the agenda to speak at any city meetings? Or just the workshops?

  12. You must be on the workshop agenda inorder to speak at the regular meeting; however you do not have to speak at the workshop. I think this is really crazy since you don’t know if an item on the agenda might be something a citizen wishes to discuss after they hear our discussion on the item.

  13. I, too, think it’s really silly to have to be on the agenda the a.m. of the workshop meeting (10:00 I think) in order to speak at the meeting. The agenda does not go up on the city posting for the workshop until after that time. If you don’t know what’s on the agenda beforehand how do you know if as a citizen you want to voice your concerns about a certain item on that is on the agenda? It’s too late at the meeting — they won’t let you speak unless you were on the agenda at the workshop. Bad way to include your citizens in our city issues, La Vergne mis-managemen! Excluding your citizens’ voices sure make one suspicious!

  14. what about the public forum that’s held before the M/A meeting, do you have to be on the agenda to spek there?

  15. Yes — again you have to be on the agenda prior to the workshop to speak at the actual M/A meeting.

  16. Spitting is nothing, how about the %$^&*(!@ that drop their gum on the ground!
    You stepped on anyone’s gum this month?

  17. I think LaVergne residents’ idea of recycling is to throw their trash by the side of the road. I walk through my neighborhood and the side streets, and in one season I collected 7 large bags full of aluminum cans in one season. Have some pride! There is a recycling depot on Sam Ridley Parkway that takes just about everything.

  18. the trash/litter issue is truly sad. I would like to organize a regular scheduled, community based litter pick up day, say like on sunday afternoons. Get some neighbors together and blanket an area with trash bags in tote, pick up all litter and garbage from that area, then next week, hit another area. If we did this on a regular basis, we’d soon have a clean LaVergne. dissent without action is consent, afterall, and I will not consent to a littered and garbage ridden LaVergne.

  19. I say why not use the inmates to pick up trash like they do in Smyrna?

  20. I have seen this done every weekend for the last 4 yrs now and it seems to make a difference. I guess the ones that have dui’s or is on probation doing commuinty service is the ones that pick up trash. I never see this in Lavergne and wonder why not? Hmmm a thought we could give to the city to use those that break the law! you break the law then you pick up trash!!!

  21. Fortune Cookies- that’s a great idea! If you can organize it, I would love to participate and we’ll post about it here on TiLV, too!

  22. I’ve been doing that (trash/recycling pickup) on my own for a couple years now; you can even donate cans to good causes like the Humane Society for money. Let’s get something going! I’m all for it.

  23. I’m in! Three of my girl scouts and I picked up trash a couple of weeks ago down Jones Mill Road. In 1 1/2 hours, we collect over 10 bags of trash, about a dozen paint cans, and all kinds of crazy metals. We found a couple of skeletal remains (canine and maybe possum or raccoon). Anyway, yes… I’ll help too! I nominate Fortune Cookies to be our BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE CHAIR and Mero to by our VICE CHAIR!

  24. I just saw some information that there is already a LaVergne Clean-Up day scheduled for May 13th around 12:30 pm (sponsored by bridgestone). You can find out more information from LaVergne Parks & Rec Dept by calling 793-3224 or emailing Shelly Morton at MortonShelly (at) fusa (dot) com.

  25. YAY! OK yall, lets do it. Mero, how do we make the cans become cash donations to the Humand Society? That’s awesome! I’m thinking we can tackle it one neighborhood at a time. To me, the stretch of Stone’s River by the boat ramp is nasty… a good place to start… What time sounds good on Sunday? 2ish? Or would Saturday be better? I’m good either day. You can email me at nomoreemptyfortunecookies (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I see our Kroger has been started.It will be nice when the doors open. Can you say goodbye to Foodlion and Walmart….. :)

  27. Hello, I’m the husband of Angie B who sometimes comments on this site. I am over the recycling facities for Metro Nashville. With the new Krogers going in, it may be possible to use their site, similar to the one on Sam Ridley. We just need to check with businesses as a parternship, or the High School to see if we can get them involved. Maybe we can use their facilties for recycling drop off sites. The biggist thing is the recylcling containers. You need to find out who will provide these, the cost and who will provide the pick up. There are different companies who provide these sevices. You can check with Mike at Rivergate Recycling, he should be able to give you the contacts you need to get this started.

  28. I’ve seen inmates in La Vergne cleaning up the sides of roads many times. Usually I see them on M’boro Road and sometimes Old Nashville. The reason we don’t see many inmates working is because the city gets them from the county. Smyrna has a general sessions court and their judge can make their lawbreakers do that type of service. La Vergne does not have a general sessions court and never will because the state will not grant any additional general sessions courts to more cities. I don’t know why, but that’s what I’ve been told.

    Our city court cannot give this type of punishment to a person for breaking the law. The serious crimes go to general sessions and they have to go to the county general sessions court and cannot go to Smyrna’s general sessions court. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but that how the law system in Rutherford County is set up. Our officers have to spend a lot of time in M’boro when they have cases before that court. It would save a lot of time and gas if they could do this in Smyrna.

  29. I was led to this site, by divine intervention (i’m sure), because I was about to fuss to Team Green about their misuse of 16 year old volunteers on the Lake Clean-up effort…any way…

    How about we, as concerned citizens, form our own group? No need for this to be a punishment for what ever offense… there are those of us that just recycle everything we can, but it’s not that convenient. Have y’all been watching the news about Greensboro (NC or AL)… a tornado demolished their town, but they are building back with all “green” materials. Since “La Vergne” means “the greene” or the “meadows”, etc., why can’t we do that by ourselves?

    My beloved daughter is an honest to God “tree-hugger” and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has wanted to do a clean-up of not only LHS, but the parks, cemeteries, green ways, by-ways, etc… I say if the children are willing to lead us on this endeavor, who are we to stand in their way? They ARE the future of our country and us all…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed…just in case…LOL!

  30. Gina- this is exactlly what I’m talking about. We, as citizens, need to get to gether and volunteer to clean up our neighborhoods. I have been trying to rally up a group via my own blog, but have had no response from the community whatsoever there. Feel free to email me at nomoreemptyfortunecookies(at) gmail (dot)com so we can organize. I’m very excited and ready to get this ball rolling. I myself was an honest to God tree hugging 16 year old once,and I still have quite a bit of that girl in me. Today, I do not like what I see as I venture through my city. My in-laws come to visit from Ohio, and I am embarassed to take them to the parks, to the lake, through LaVergne…it’s a shame. Let’s clean up LaVergne and make it a place we can all feel good about coming home to.

  31. […] thread about people from the community coming together to help (literally) clean up this town.  Go read all about it and watch for more information to come when the readers who’ve volunteered (thanks Mero and […]

  32. So I guess many of you don’t celebrate earth day the same way I do? I always try to cut down a few trees, burn a few tires, and dump some toxic chemicals down the stormwater drains…

    … and if you believe that you must live in Smyrna!

  33. I’m all in favor of starting our own group…usually these types work better than “official” groups because you can tailor them to the participants’ schedules. I don’t know about others, but Sunday mornings are ideal for me. How about we tentatively plan our first session?

  34. Michael- you’re like fungus, you’ve really grown on me lately. ;)

    Mero and other cleanup-ers- I can’t do Sunday mornings, but I could do Saturday mornings as long as it wasn’t too horribly early. I’m all about the weekend sleep-in. :D

  35. Oh, and Gina- Welcome! I’m a certified tree hugger myself, so you’re in good company.

  36. anybody’s who’s interested in starting a clean-up group, go ahead and drop me a line at boltwoman55 at Yahoo and let’s see how many we get.

  37. fungus eh? Well I guess a compliment is a compliment!

  38. I’m with Ivy… Saturday mornings better for me too. I think the title “United Tree Huggers of La Vergne” is priceless, what about y’all?

  39. City pick up sounds like a great idea, maybe some could discuss this with the boy scout troup in lavergne, It sounds like a great way to earn some badges, why not in our own town? And speaking of pick up why hasn’t lakeforest still not cleaned up their messes after they have built the houses. We have been here 2 1/2 years and still behind my house their are tree limbs scattered about, trees pulled out of their roots laying around from where they dozed, big huge rocks laying all over, black bags of some sort piled up with the rocks and dirt, plus some fencing with spiky things all on it. and this is just in the back of my yard. Before we moved in they said that their would eventually be houses behind ours, so far no houses, but their is a huge school, LOL! They just don’t seem concerned about cleaning up after themselves, they are to busy building other messes.

  40. Stephanie — how many times have you called CODES (213-2624). This sounds like it would be a big liability on the builders if there is barbedwire fencing & all types of materials laying around — definitely something the City should handle & make the builders clean up. It will probably take more than 1 call, tho. But presistance will eventually pay off. Try calling the mayor — 394-2821 — and all the alderpeople. Their numbers are listed on the La Vergne website. Again, it may take several calls, but putting them on the spot sometimes gets faster action. Keep up with how many times you called, the dates you called, & who you spoke with — you may need that info later. Good luck.

  41. I haven’t tried calling codes yet, i thought since it was lake forest’s mess they should be responsible for cleaning up. Yet they don’t seem to concerned when i call. Thanks for the info i will give it a try with codes.

  42. Gina and Badbadivy, I hug trees too! And plant a lot of them! I’ve been an Arbor Day member since 1996. I would love for LaVergne to become a Tree City USA member.

    My daughter and I have picked up trash along Sunrise Ave. several times. We usually fill at least two bags, easily. Gambill Lane is even worse…any patch of trees or tall weeds will be full of fast food containers, napkins, soda cans, etc.

    But it sure is nice to see the results!!

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