Have You Pinged the LaV Population Radar?

PING! My house has five, Ginger gave LaV two more, Ivy five, View from the Lake five, Chip two … how many people live in your LaVergne house who have been or need to be counted? 

It’s not too late to fill out your census form ONLINE!!!

LaVergne’s 2008 census is on life support because not enough people have returned the form, filled it out online, or answered their doors when the Box 100 volunteer group comes knocking.  With a stipend of $20,000 to learn how many residents live in LaV, the city could bring in $555,000 more dollars if we hit 27,000.  So far counters have only reached 21,500 – down a couple thousand from the 2005 census.

It’s not too late to fill out your census form ONLINE!!!

So if you’re one of about six thousand people who haven’t responded, please ping the city.  The dollars we receive from the Feds will help the city tremendously if we meet the goal of 27,000.

Read more about LaVergne’s census efforts, along with Smyrna and Murfreesboro (they’re down too) right here in the Daily News Journal.

It’s not too late to fill out your census form ONLINE!!!

6 Responses

  1. It would be great if people would fill them out. I was out on Saturday going door to door and some people refused to open their doors and one person complained about the taxes but refused to fill out the census form. I did not have much luck getting them filled out. We have had better luck catching people at Food Lion. PLEASE fill out your forms!!

  2. I just read a post written by one of my friends on his blog as he explailned why he WON’T fill it out. I can only shake my head and ask him to remember his decision when additional codes officers aren’t there to tell his neighbor to mow the lawn or get the 20 cars out of the front yard.

    Your refusal to fill it out is akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face, my friend. It takes 30 seconds to help the city get $111 p/person in your house. Personally I’m glad to see LaVergne finding alternate ways to raise money rather than mandatory speeding tickets or something. I don’t think that is AT ALL unreasonable, so stop being a stubborn mule and fill the durn thing out!

  3. Kathy I have filled mine out everytime they have asked me to but its gets alittle tireing doing this all the time. I havent moved out of this fine home so why cant there be a beter way for the city to figure out who has moved in. Like I said have them at city hall have the new residents that come here and have water hooked up fill out the forms. This seems like a great idea then we would actually know who is new to our city!


    Your comments yesterday made me chuckle some. and what I hear some others have laughed hard as well. WAY TO GO GIRL!! You have what it takes to bring smiles to others!!

  4. I read in the comments of the DNJ article that the “illegal aliens” aren’t filling out their census forms. This is funny on so many levels to me. First- they ask the names of people living in the house, it’s not like they’re tracking people down with social security numbers or anything.

    Second, if you come from another planet, we need you to fill out the census form anyway. See all the people we have working at city hall that are aliens? I thought I noticed a greenish tinge to the lady who took my water bill last week.

    So, “illegal aliens”, go ahead and fill out your census forms. And then we’ll take you to our leader. ;)

  5. Ivy, stop!! your killing me….lmao

  6. I filled out mine!

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