This Street Parking Prohibition We Have

I get that LaVergne doesn’t allow parking on the street so that emergency vehicles can get through to fight fires, help at crime scenes or accidents, to rescue kitties from trees.  They have to be able to access all areas of the city to keep us all safe.  Not only do I “get” it, but I appreciate it.

But here’s the thing.  I have a listing many of you may have driven past on Bill Stewart.  It’s is very affordable ($124,900), has three bedrooms, two full baths, and it’s unbelievably beautiful inside.  But it does have limited parking … a one-car garage and a one-car driveway.  We had a buyer who loved it, but ultimately passed because of our city’s street parking ordinance.  If he invited family over, there wouldn’t be enough parking.

The thought that occurred to me was this – when we held the Parade of Homes in March, Police Chief Boyd said his officers wouldn’t ticket cars parked in front of the open houses that Sunday.  Could our city not have this same type of dispensation system when people have graduation parties, birthdays, or other special events?  Could we not figure out a way to allow our residents to park in front of their own homes so that they can entertain guests.  Or maybe even so they can sell rather than sit four houses in a row unsold because of a PARKING issue?

I go back to the original idea we’ve tossed around here about allowing parking on one side of the street… for example parking on the south or east side only.  We could buy parking permits to pay for signs that say, “Parking This Side Only.”

Now I know people from the city READ this site – contrary to the rants and poo-flinging of certain people – so can someone please please bring this up to our city officials?  What will it take to make this happen?


Josh Osborne Law Signed by Governor

Josh Osborne lives in LaVergne with his Aunt Kim Tammy. Before that, he lived in Lebanon, spending most of his time chained to a bed, craving food and water.  When he was rescued, these neglectful parents were only sentenced to a few years in prison because there was no law on the books that made starvation and dehydration a child abuse offense.  In fact, his stepmother is already out of prison.

Today Josh has doubled his body weight, so it’s obvious that lack of food was the main reason he weighed less than 50 pounds at the age of 15.  He is much stronger now.  Strong enough that he has surrounded himself with people who love him and fight for him so that he can fight for other children.

Through Josh and his Aunt’s efforts, Governor Phil Bredeson signed Josh Osborne’s Law into effect which states that starvation and dehydration are indeed criminal offenses against children.

Congratulations Josh and Aunt TAMMY. We are so proud of you!

LaVergne Bible Park?

I don’t “get” why everyone in the Murfreesboro and Blackman area was so opposed to the Bible Park.  Noise?  Pshaw.  Jobs?  Heck yes!  Revenue for community.  Heck yes! 

I wish LaVergne could have the Bible Park.  I don’t know where it would go, but maybe we could knock down some of those eyesore warehouses along Sand Hill Road and Dick Buchanan and build one there, complete with a Daniel and the Den of Lions mini-zoo and maybe a David & Goliath Diner.

I know this won’t happen, but I’ve been thinking about it anyway.  What do you think?

Report Card Day Ramble

Last day of school in technical terms… kids picking up report cards today.  How bad would it suck if you were a student and looked outside to see rain on your last day of school when all you want is to run outside and hang out with your friends? 

Kroger signs are up!  I just sank $178 at the Kroger on Sam Ridley Pkwy. – at least I’ll get 10 cents off my next fillup so maybe it’ll cost just $50 instead of $55. That’s insane.

Still watching for cicadas. Anyone seen any?

Watch out for the latest spate of criminals – gas thieves.  I’m wishing we had a Music City Star train running through TheGreen these days.

If you think there’s a middle class these days, think again.

Finally, I just set up a link to Top Flight Flite Financial* over on the left under the Friends of LaVergne section.  Stop by and say hello to Leanne who is the branch manager and a resident of Lake Forest.  And while we’re all about keeping business local, if you need auto glass replaced, please consider my friend Patrick at Anderson Auto Glass.  Although he has over 10 years of experience, he’s just started his own business and could really use our support.

Stay dry, LaVergne.

*My bad, my typo.  Sorry!

I Hereby Nominate Ivy for Mayor

After Ivy’s thought-provoking, problem-solving comment about education in America, she’d get my vote.

Vote for Ivy!

Oh No. Oh Wow.

I just read Empty Fortune Cookie’s post about a guy working on her neighbor’s lawn who had his fingers accidentally cut off this weekend.  Holy crap… her details remind me of when my brother lost two in a table saw accident (but they were able to retrieve and sew them back on).  But the truly amazing part is that the other workers went and finished the lawn after injured dude was rushed to the hospital. 

And I’ll never look at okra the same way again.

Floating Some Info Your Way

I just read in the Daily News Journal about how-to avoid getting sick from swimming.  I want to link to the story here because it isn’t something that you think a lot about, but getting sick from a swimming pool is not uncommon.

Several years ago my daughter was invited to a swim party with a family who I trusted. They had an above ground pool in the back yard, but I never went back to look at it.  Two weeks later, my daughter had a respiratory infection and the doctor said, “Have you been swimming in a pool with green water?”  Just as I was saying, “No.” she said, “Yes.”  I was stunned.  This family’s swim party was in a GREEN POOL.  I was horrified that I’d let my daughter swim there, and disgusted that this family allowed their children and other kids in the pool of green water.

It’s obvious (or should be) not to swim in green water, but the article gives other tips on staying healthy when you swim.  An article everyone should read.

What are you doing the Memorial Day weekend?