And While We’re At It

There has been a LOT of great conversation on the Manic Monday thread about people from the community coming together to help (literally) clean up this town.  Go read all about it and watch for more information to come when the readers who’ve volunteered to organize (thanks Mero and Fortune Cookies!) it give us some solid dates/times to do trash pick-up. 

Meanwhile, the city is working with Bridgestone/Firestone to have a clean up day.  From the comments section:

I just saw some information that there is already a LaVergne Clean-Up day scheduled for May 13th around 12:30 pm (sponsored by bridgestone). You can find out more information from LaVergne Parks & Rec Dept by calling 793-3224 or emailing Shelly Morton at MortonShelly (at) fusa (dot) com.

Tuesday seems like a bizarre, out of the blue kind of day, but I guess traffic won’t be as bad on a weekday afternoon.  Maybe Bridgestone/Firestone is letting the employees who volunteer off work early that day (and maybe the city of LaV is, too).  I dunno but it seems like it would be the right thing to do.

And while we’re all about helping out our community, the local food bank needs food!  Proteins (canned meat like tuna) seem to be in short supply.  According to the DNJ, a lot of people are running low on grocery money thanks to our RIDICULOUSLY HIGH gas prices.  I read earlier this week that experts are now predicting prices to reach $5 p/gallon this summer!!  Carpooling has become trendyhere’s a link from Channel 5 with information about carpooling.  Plus – if you’re as broke as me (do we get a kiss now that you’ve *bleeped* us Big Oil ?!?!) – you’re welcome to comment below to try to find someone to carpool with.

Sooooo… if you want to donate food or money, contact the food bank here (thanks DNJ for the info):

The Smyrna-La Vergne Food Bank, 130 Richardson St. in Smyrna, accepts donations from 2 to 6 p.m. Monday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Donations can also be made by appointment by calling 615-355-0697. The food bank also accepts monetary donations to assist with purchasing dairy products, eggs butter cheese and milk.

4 Responses

  1. I have a great idea — have the Parks & Rec Dept. help clean up since they are now going to have the GRASS CUTTING SUB-CONTRACTED OUT!!!! That’s right the citizens will paying an “outside source” to cut grass now. What else are they going to do & what about all the new equipment they have acquired in the past couple of years? Also the work on the football field at Veteran’s Park is also sub-contracted. Working for the City of La Vergne must be the easiest, best paid job anywhere!!! Who’s in charge here & why is this dept. so much better off the the others dollar-wise apparently? We don’t need more parks if the City cannot maintain them without the help of “outside” sources! Can’t come up with the money to improve Stones River Road (grant money which was acquired YEARS AGO, I understan — where is it?), but the P&R dept. has money to hire someone else to mow. Something doesn’t smell good here . . .

  2. I think May 13th is national clean-up day, thus the date chosen.

    I don’t have a problem with work being sub-contracted, but I agree I would like to know why. Often times it will save long-term costs such as equipment, but Cee Dee is right. If we just bought a bunch of new equipment, why???

  3. there’s a Green LaVergne group set up (thaks, Mero!) and a poll to help determine when we can gather everyone who wants to participate to get this clean up going. If you’re interested in volunteering, head over to
    and practice your democratic right to vote ; )

  4. This sound like a great idea.

    Also would like to have my link added to
    “This is LaVergne.

    GoGreenGeo Project Building EG1 (Building Electric Geo One)

    Link – htttp://


    1) Convert a 1990 Geo Metro into an electric vehicle
    2) Keep a detailed log of the progress of the project
    3) Inspire others to do the same to help our environment
    4) Raise environmental awareness

    The converision will be done in LaVergne and the whole project will be funded by donations. Thanks!

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