Bible Theme Park Exposed

Wow… Nashville is Talking just broke a huge news story related to the would-be owner of Rutherford County’s Bible Theme Park.

It’s a doozy.  Go read it now.


6 Responses

  1. Wow — finally a lot of actual digging is bringing up the dirt & it seems funny that all this would not have been found sooner if the appropriate investigation had been done. Does anyone besides me wonder if there is a “local” La Vergne developer possibly involved in this endeavor????

  2. Not sure but I can ask C G. over at nashvilleistalking

  3. he says “As far as local developer involvement, there are a lot of people on this as “consulants’

  4. Well, in my opinion, the one I’m referring to could certainly work the angles! He’s done a great job of it in La Vergne . . . and I’m sure they must be acquaintances as they are from the same place–just a guess.

  5. In other news, anybody see on the DNJ that the National Action Network will be visiting our little town this evening?

    For those who don’t know, this is the group headed by Al Sharpton. I doubt Big Al will be here (Maybe Al Gore?).

    My questions is, what do these people expect to accomplish? Do they want to bring more media attention to something that already has been given plenty of media attention? I don’t agree with “paid leave” as punishment (woo hoo, extra vacation days with pay!?), but I don’t know what this group thinks it can accomplish unti we start paying attention to who we do and don’t vote for.

    In another news, have the official census results been released yet? Maybe we should just pretend it never happened…

    I felt sad the other day after driving through Lake Forest thinking that maybe we really do have a decreasing population? Who would want to live in that area? Now I know, there are some great parts of LFE, but the parts that are not so great really detract from the entire city.

  6. From what I’ve heard the census has until the 15th of May now to be compiled & filed. But all kinds of excuses are being made as to why we do not have an accurate count yet from the printer messing up to the post office to not having enough people to to the data input. Another case of lack of management in my opinion. We need change!

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