Protest at City Hall Tonight

The Daily News Journal is reporting that The National Action Network (Rev. Al Sharpton, President) is holding a protest rally at 6:30pm this evening at City Hall.

The rally comes on the heels of several investigations into accusations of unfair treatment and racial discrimination involving city employees. Some complaints were from other city employees, while others were from private citizens.

In reading their website, I found out that the civil rights group has chapters all over the country, with a Tennessee chapter based in Memphis.

No chance of meeting Al tonight, though. He’ll be in New York City conducting a citywide “slowdown” and “pray-in” to protest the Sean Bell shooting that happened in 2006.

I expect a lot of local media will be at the protest tonight. You might want to steer clear of Murfreesboro Road around City Hall from about 6pm-8pm.


22 Responses

  1. Did Al ever find out who actually raped Tawana whatever her name was?

  2. Dunno…that guy is probably with whoever it was who killed Nicole Simpson…

  3. […] the Rev. will not be there: I found out that the civil rights group has chapters all over the country, with a Tennessee […]

  4. Oh pulleeaassee. All he does is stir up controversy. Thank goodness I live on the other side of town.

  5. Good night to make the Mayor/Aldermen meeting — citizens’ comments at 6:30 — meeting at 7:00. If you go to the La Vergne website ( under “browse public records” then to “current meeting agendas” you will see what is on the citizens’ comments & the actual meeting. Come & see your public officials at work — it may be a real eye opener for you. Who knows, you may even be on TV!!!!!

  6. I’ll be sitting over by the Wilsons. I want to make sure the camera gets me and Cee Dee in the same shot together.

    Seriously, though, you are right, Cee Dee. It appears there will be a lot of people there with an agenda.

  7. Tonight could be very interesting…..I know mrs Mosley will be there….

  8. I’ll be behind city hall in the little courthouse-building next to the baseball field. My daughter has baton class tonight.

  9. Now I know why Jack 96.3 FM crossed out La Vergne and wrote in Smyra….. I guess they seen this coming…. We should protest about the billboard M’boro Road

  10. walper- Funny, I saw that the other day and had to laugh. Why couldn’t it be the other way around, dangit? :)

  11. seems to me that they are going to finally put a stop to or limit internet usage at city hall…tonight it was brought before the board …

    Resolution #2008-13 – A Resolution to Amend the Personnel Rules and
    Regulations By Amending the Internet and E-mail Usage Policy and adding a New
    E-mail Policy

    will this stop city workers from sing the internet on city time? I hope so! they are there to do a job not play on the internet all day. we pay them to work and email !!

  12. Well dang it. If city workers aren’t allowed to go online, then our readership will drastically drop here at This is LaVergne. (I would put in a winky-face emoticon, but it’s sadly true!)

    And for the record – once again – this is not a negative site. A couple of our readers have started an amazing campaign to begin clean-up efforts in LaV. Watch for that post coming shortly!

  13. […] of our readers commented that another measure was considered last night, Resolution #2008-13 – A Resolution to Amend the Personnel Rules and Regulations By Amending the […]

  14. The Jack FM billboards are all over the place. I think if you drive down 24E you will see one with Antioch crossed out and La Vergne on top. So, no worries there, they like us too. ;-)

  15. Folks, let’s get real…racist will always be in our schools, stores, cities, and probably in our churches too. It’s so sad that people can’t find anything better to do with their life than thinking up how we can get someone fired. In a gas station you have the nicest store clerk and are you going to have them fired because their child does wrong…NO! Are you going to have a single mother or a single father fired because their child got suspended at school because they called another race a bad name….NO! Get real…if an employee is doing wrong on the job then that person should face what’s coming to him/her however the company or city sees fit.

    Yes, I know there’s a lot that the City of Lavergne needs to do, such as catching drug dealers and stop building houses because of the traffic problems and school problems. That’s been happening for years and sadly to say probably will never change. BUT leave the good employees alone unless you see them do wrong!!!

  16. Huh? Mary are you saying that if someone calls another a “name” they should be fired or it should be ignored as long as they are doing their job? In La Vergne’s case, one was fired for making a remark, however, several others were sent home with pay for the same offense, one is still being “investigated” & still drawing his salary. Not quite fair in my opinion. All should be studied under the same microscope! But then again — it’s La Vergne where “there no place for politics in City Hall” (quote from the former mayor yesterday).

  17. No, I did NOT say that “if someone calls another a “name” they should be fired or it should be ignored as long as they are doing their job”. You need to go back and re-read before posting. I said “Are you going to have a single mother or a single father fired because THEIR CHILD got suspended at school because they called another race a BAD NAME….NO!” No, a good employee should not get fired for their childs actions…as what another poster was implying should happen. If all employees say or do something that is racist then all should have the same treatment of either punishment or be fired.

  18. o.O Where’d you get the idea that people should be fired from their jobs because of their kid’s actions?

  19. Ok — just didn’t understand your statements about someone being held responsible for their child’s behavior & getting fired for it — the post I saw mentioned knowing an employee who allows his son to wear a confederate flag on his jacket — didn’t read where he suggested the employee should be fired for it. No parent should be fired for something their child did — the employee is not responsible for their child’s actions if they work at a gas station either. This type response doesn’t even seem at all relevant to the topic. We both agree that everyone should receive the same treatment for the same infraction.

  20. I would disagree, I think sometimes parents should be punished for what their kids do.

    For example, the thug who shot up Pamela McKenzie’s house, didn’t it come to light that the kids mom new her “precious little angel” was in a gang and still allowed it? I’m sorry, but that parent should be run our of town just like her thug kid.

    Now I understand that kids make decisions that parents don’t always agree with, but if you know your kid is doing something illegal and you don’t try and stop it, your just as guilty as your kid when they get into trouble.

    I don’t think a city employee should be fired for their kid wearing a shirt with the rebel flag. When I was in eighth grade some of my friends started wearing “69” shirts. I think that is just as vulgar and offensive as some might view the rebel flag, but as long as the kid isn’t hurting anyone but their own image, then I would let it go.

  21. The problem with holding parents accountable for their kid’s behavior is this- how much effort is enough to try to get your kid to stop doing the illegal behavior? Also, some kids really HATE their parents, could they get their parents in trouble by lying and saying they knew about it?

    It’s an idea that’s good in theory, but probably wouldn’t work in practice.

  22. Most parents are great Parents but their seems to be a few apples out there. I know several bloggers that have raised their kids right and the kids are awesome. The parents that are the bad apples are the ones that most of the time cause or created problems but really bring the problems on themselfs. If you raise your children to be polite then they will be polite but if you just raise your children without any discipline then I see the kids acting out or acting up and getting into trouble. This doesnt mean you have to spank your child but take the effort in working with them and showing them right from wrong! for the ones that I know I want to say keep up the great work that you do with your children for they are going to grow up and be great people!!

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