Update on View’s Grandfather

UPDATE:  Grandpa has been found!

Several days ago, my friend “View from the Lake” posted that her grandfather, Ervin Tucker, was missing.  He lives in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a victim of elderly abuse for some time.  There has been some progress and things are looking more hopeful

Not only did I want to reemphasize that she could still use your help if you have family or friends living in St. Louis, but also to point out something very important:

With HIPPA laws these days, if there is any advice that I can give you about your loved ones, it is to be prepared. Keep record of SSNs, have living wills and stay in touch with the elderly.

Please call your grandparents today and say “I love you.”  Be involved in their lives.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, god! Another flood of emotion. Thx. It is sooo true.

  2. Love ya, MTBPGChick!

  3. :D

  4. If you have a girl scout troop in that area, an old man could sure use some cheering up.

    Just got back from getting a card. His friend, Kenny, will go see him tomorrow. My mother is booking a flight.

    http://mtbpg.wordpress.com has the address to where he is at. :) Thx all.

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