Have You Lost Your Pig?

Oink OinkI sort of live out in the country – what’s left of the country – in LaV.  The sweet gal two doors down called me tonight asking, “Do you know anyone in our neighborhood who owns pigs?”

Me, “Pigs?”

Her, “There are two pigs in my backyard.”

Me, “Hahahaha!  Pigs!  In your yard?”

Her, “They’re mostly black.  I’m afraid if they get to the road, they’ll be hit by a car.”

Me, “HAHAHAHA!  Pigs!  In your yard!” 

Her, “I wonder if they’re wild pigs.”

Me, “There’s an otter or beaver or something in the abandoned pool next door.”

After that little discussion, I called another friend in the neighborhood and she didn’t know anyone who had pigs.  As I pulled on our street, though, I saw the first neighbor in her driveway with her children.  I rolled down the window, “Did you find the owner?”

“Yes!  The guy up the street has pigs.”

Happy Ending.  I’m glad they weren’t monkeys.

3 Responses

  1. Today was totally animals. Pigs? LOL!

  2. […] was an incident in my neighborhood yesterday evening.  A neighbor telephoned because two enormous pigs showed up […]

  3. Too funny! We had pigs, at one time. I wouldn’t recommend the little darlings. Our one, Mr. Alan, started off in the house because we thought he was a itty-bitty pot-belly….NOPE, he grew, and grew, and grew! Out to the acerage he went, BUT….each day, he would come to the back door, hoof the door (knocking). We’d let him in, give him a can of corn, wipe his little snout, pat his huge butt, and send him back outside. He never tried to get more than one trip in the house…just one time (usually mornings), and that was it. Then, the oinker got out into the neighborhood….we looked, and looked, and looked for him with no luck. Later, that afternoon, there were some cable guys in the area. They knew Mr. Alan, and found him down by the lake (why were the cable guys at the lake?)…they grabbed a big stick, hung out the window, and prodded Mr. Alan home! Funny thing, we were thinking about putting him in the freezer, but when he was lost, we really missed him….and, we called the animal control letting them know we owned the pig if anyone called to say a pig was on the loose…well, luck has it….the animal control called us back to ask if we would adopt a pig they had gotten a call about. OK…sure, we’ll take it. That evening Mr. Alan had a female friend. Two days later we had two full-grown pigs, and 11 little babies! After a month of 13 daily cans of corn…Mr. Alan went to the freezer, and the rest were adopted by a farmer cutting some of our trees down. That’s my pig story, and I’m sticking to it! Happy Oinks KT!

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