Beer Board

I wanted to post some information semi-related to the beer board meeting we had last night. The meeting has been temporarily recessed, not concluded, so I don’t want to go into specific details on a meeting that’s not official, just on hold.

A public notice was put out that the beer board was to consider taking action against some establishments whose employees were convicted of selling beer to minors. When a new establishment opens in the city, the owner of the establishment has to apply for a permit to sell beer, but the individual clerks who make the sale don’t have to come before us. So when a clerk sells beer to a minor, we cannot take action against the clerk, but only against the store owner who has the permit. The store owners complain that they cannot higher top-notch people to sell beer in a convenience store, so it’s hard to avoid violating the rules when you have an employee who isn’t interested in the long-term success of your establishment.

So here’s my question, what do we do with our laws? Should we require anyone who actually sells beer to get a permit, not just the store owners? I was talking to Seanna Moseley and I mentioned that this was the case where I grew up in Fayette County, GA. Every personĀ had to get a badge that authorized them to sell beer, not just the store owner.

Should we still only hold the store owners liable? After all, if they can’t find good help, they should run the cash register themselves or shut-down. Maybe they should require their employees to sign contracts stating that if they sell to minors, the owner can fine them $100,000?

By the way, a special thanks to the Moseley’s for coming to the meeting as citizens showing they care about the welfare of this city. Many people consider beer to be a “gateway” for minors to get into more trouble, so I believe the more we do to enforce these laws, the better our city will be.

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  1. Servers have to get a permit to serve beer or alcohol. I think they should have to get the permit to sell it also.

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