The Cicada Song

Caution: Talking about eating bugs again.

As long as they aren’t in any of my salads, I’m okay with the prediction that Tennessee should expect a heavy emergence of the loud flying bugs.  One map shows that our area will have plenty, but another shows the cicadas will be mostly East of us.  Who’s lived here for 17 years?  Were they bad back in 1991’ish? 

If you’re a maniac about cicadas, visit Cicada Mania.

Last time cicadas were here, my brother’s dog ate them until her stomach bulged. They are edible, but Cicada Mania warns to be careful not to choke on their sharp legs or wings.  Here’s what the DNJ is saying about the cidadas.


6 Responses

  1. I’ve lived in this area my whole life and trust me, they can get pretty bad. Be careful mowing your yard because they are attracted to the noise. I can still see my teenage son running across the yard with the lawnmower as fast as he could go, trying to get away from them. It was quite funny.

  2. I would pay money to see cicadas chase either of my daughters and the ensuing freak out / meltdown that would occur! $20 at least!

  3. Oh my GAWD!!!! They are atrocious! They cover the street like leaves in fall, they swarm you in the yard, they crunch under your shoes, it’s a virtual sea of cicadas everywhere you look. UGH…I even remember restaurants having them on the menu and “I survived the cicada invasion” tshirts…oh my, it may be time for a summer long trip away from here lol!

  4. My Mom back in WV said one of her cats has been eating them every chance she gets. Silly cat. ;)

  5. Thanks for the mention! Every year I get an email or two about a pet choking on cicadas. Sad but true.

  6. On the bright side, they will aerate your lawn for you!

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