Some Retail & Twitter Tidbits

Our friend Walper commented yesterday about Kroger,

The Southern Family Market…… Signs are gone!!!!!…. The inside has marking of Kroger all over it… Looks bigger too!

I’ve said it before and will babble it again, I’m so pleased Kroger is coming! 

Also just read in the Tennessean that Demos’s just purchased land to build a restaurant off of Sam Ridley.  It’ll be over by where the new movie theater is going – near Sonic.

Do you Twitter?  You should!  Once you find someone you kNow, you can follow who they follow and build your network.   And for some random Twitter updates. 

  • The real question is why would you watch AI when you can watch Dr Who?
  • NASHVILLEWX.COM – Highs in the low 80s today with a 20% chance of afternoon storms and late lunches.
  • The Christian Life, part VI
  • Just reading about Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  • New computer & I declare Reader/Blog Amnesty Day. Over 2000 behind. Am now marking most as read. Send link if I missed anything in 2 weeks (this was my tweet)
  • When having a bad day the most encouraging words can come from someone unexpected.
  • To Randy Jackson: Capt. Kangaroo called and wants his jacket back now.

Get outside today if you’re not chained to a desk – it’ll be a beaut!


4 Responses

  1. You picked one of my tweets…the one about a bad day. :)

  2. SoundsGood… I liked your tweet a lot. Mine was blog amnesty day!

  3. The Kroger sign is up and the inside is gutted…Let the construction begin.

  4. Has anybody heard about the proposal to raise the wheel tax by $30? Its absolutely absurd!!!

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