Floating Some Info Your Way

I just read in the Daily News Journal about how-to avoid getting sick from swimming.  I want to link to the story here because it isn’t something that you think a lot about, but getting sick from a swimming pool is not uncommon.

Several years ago my daughter was invited to a swim party with a family who I trusted. They had an above ground pool in the back yard, but I never went back to look at it.  Two weeks later, my daughter had a respiratory infection and the doctor said, “Have you been swimming in a pool with green water?”  Just as I was saying, “No.” she said, “Yes.”  I was stunned.  This family’s swim party was in a GREEN POOL.  I was horrified that I’d let my daughter swim there, and disgusted that this family allowed their children and other kids in the pool of green water.

It’s obvious (or should be) not to swim in green water, but the article gives other tips on staying healthy when you swim.  An article everyone should read.

What are you doing the Memorial Day weekend? 


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