Report Card Day Ramble

Last day of school in technical terms… kids picking up report cards today.  How bad would it suck if you were a student and looked outside to see rain on your last day of school when all you want is to run outside and hang out with your friends? 

Kroger signs are up!  I just sank $178 at the Kroger on Sam Ridley Pkwy. – at least I’ll get 10 cents off my next fillup so maybe it’ll cost just $50 instead of $55. That’s insane.

Still watching for cicadas. Anyone seen any?

Watch out for the latest spate of criminals – gas thieves.  I’m wishing we had a Music City Star train running through TheGreen these days.

If you think there’s a middle class these days, think again.

Finally, I just set up a link to Top Flight Flite Financial* over on the left under the Friends of LaVergne section.  Stop by and say hello to Leanne who is the branch manager and a resident of Lake Forest.  And while we’re all about keeping business local, if you need auto glass replaced, please consider my friend Patrick at Anderson Auto Glass.  Although he has over 10 years of experience, he’s just started his own business and could really use our support.

Stay dry, LaVergne.

*My bad, my typo.  Sorry!

4 Responses

  1. I saw a Cicada over the weekend at Rock Island, but ntohing around here. I’m fine if it stays that way.

  2. Thank you Kathy for the nice posting you made about my company.
    Even though my office is located in Smyrna I am a long time homeowner in Lake Forest Estates. Lavergne is home to me and I plan on being here a long time.
    My father, my brother and another family member all own houses in the Lake Forest Estates subdivision as well.
    I’m proud to call Lavergne home.
    To the rest of the homeowners in the Lake Forest Estates subdivision and in Lavergne (or really anywhere) let me know if we can be of service to you in securing your financial future with your mortgage needs. Were you told no by another mortgage company? Let me take a second look at absolutely no cost to you. We are doing remarkable things with mortgage financing right now. It costs you nothing but a short phone call to see if we can qualify you as well. Want to be a new homeowner or know of someone who does? I am just a phone call away to see if we can get you qualified as well. This business is my passion and every single client is very important to me.
    In closing, whether you are a new homeowner (welcome to Lavergne) or one who has lived here several years such as myself I welcome you to Lavergne. I would also like to personally thank Kathy for the great website she voluntarily puts together to keep all of us informed as it is truly a blessing. Thank you Kathy!

  3. I am thinking that the last few times we were to have the really bad nothing happened. I think it might be because of global warming. I remember the last time it was bad was around 1984 in Nashville and man they were everywhere but I dont remember it being that bad since! Now we have those flying things….lol…

  4. I would _love_ commuter rail through LaVergne! Most people would need it for weekdays. I want it for it weekends. You’ve seen traffic and parking downtown when there is an event, concert, game, New Year’s Eve, etc. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you didn’t have to drive through that?

    And there should be a link over to Centennial Park for when things like TACA go on there. Even on just a pretty day, the park will be full of people.

    Ever since I visited Washington D.C., I <3 commuter trains.

    I accidentally dug a nearly full-grown cicada out of my yard the other day. I suppose once hot weather really sets in, they’ll be out and about, eh?

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