LaVergne Bible Park?

I don’t “get” why everyone in the Murfreesboro and Blackman area was so opposed to the Bible Park.  Noise?  Pshaw.  Jobs?  Heck yes!  Revenue for community.  Heck yes! 

I wish LaVergne could have the Bible Park.  I don’t know where it would go, but maybe we could knock down some of those eyesore warehouses along Sand Hill Road and Dick Buchanan and build one there, complete with a Daniel and the Den of Lions mini-zoo and maybe a David & Goliath Diner.

I know this won’t happen, but I’ve been thinking about it anyway.  What do you think?


10 Responses

  1. The problem with the Bible park was they wanted to put it in a residential area. More importantly, a plan had already been established for that community stating that the farmland if sold would only be rezoned residential. So the people were upset because they bought their houses with an understanding that the area would stay residential. The Bible park alone wasn’t the problem, it was the developement that would surround the area and completely destroy the charecter of the community.

    I know that if someone decided tomorrow to build a theme park on Chaney Road, I would be opposed to that because it would kill my property values and send up the traffic.

    All that aside, after watching the bible park zoning hearing on channel 10 I wouldn’t want this bar-tur guy building a pizza hut in my community, much less a tourist attraction. His people took commissioners aside DURING a public meeting!? That and his “facts” always seem to change.

    More importantly, who is going to pay $50 to go to this place? There’s no rides it’s basically a glorified museum.

    Six Flags over Georgia today announced they are lowering ticket prices by $10-$20 for this summer. So you can buy tickets online for $30 for a real theme park(AKA roller coasters), or $50 for a museum.

    3 months ago, I dind’t care about this one way or another. But after seeing the details of thie park, the shady carecter wanting to build it, and the idea of putting it somewhere it did not belong made me decide against the park.

    Of course, it couldn’t be any worse than the “planning” of Lake Forest Estates, so maybe it will come to La Vergne…

  2. Even if people would come to a Bible theme park they would probably wind up staying, eating, and shopping in Smyrna anyway. All La Vergne would get is more traffic and some minimum wage jobs. Besides, I think warehouse/industrial workers make higher wages than theme park workers (speaking from personal experience).

  3. I don’t know much about the whole deal, but I keep hearing “bible park” and all I can think is that the idea of a religion-oriented theme park tourist attraction is two steps beyond ridiculous.

    If you want to be entertained with a religious theme, join a better church with a good pastor who’s funny, witty, and can relate to you. Don’t build a park that will hit a niche market, probably flop, and be little more than a front to private businesses that would otherwise not be able to get zoned in the area.

  4. I agree with david. this is a pathetic attempt to profit off of of christianity idealism. if you believe in hell, there must be a special place in it for people like these Bible theme park planners. Besides, LaVergne can’t handle the traffic it has now, what would happen with a theme park drawing in crowds? Couldn’t that money be better spent on things like cleaning up our streets and investing in our schools? Our children need a better education than they are receiving, that’s for sure. Let me tell you, when I left private school and entered the public school system in the 8th grade, we were using the same text books that I had used already in private school way back in the 6th and 5th grades. It was a regression in my education that I, to this day, wonder what I lost out on by leaving private school.
    I realize that this money (for the Bible Park) is from private donors, but same private donors could put that money where it’s much more needed and would be of greater good. I defer back to Ivy’s idea of a school-system utopia…

  5. Y’all are going to be very shocked, but…I actually have no opinion on the Bible theme park. Bar-Tur seems like a tool, that’s about as much of an opinion as I can come up with. Ha!

  6. It’s not private donors who wanted to build the park, it’s corporate investors. And they wanted to be able to pay down their loans with tax money generated at the park.

  7. Michael, I thought I was the only person who sat for 6+ hours watching the county commission meeting!!! You and I are actually agreeing totally on an issue. If any of the commissioners had done a seconds worth of investigation on Bar Tur they would have run like h—. My opinion of course. I am all about generating revenue, but I do not want my tax dollars paying for the Bible Park profits!! As I have stated before, I do not feel that this was for religious purposes.

  8. I agree. I think Kathy has a good point, but I’m not for sure about the developers motivation.

    I have just always thought about this, I think it applies in an inverse way

    Matthew 21
    12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, 13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

    I’d like to see an amusement park or amphitheater like Starwood located on a traffic capable road, if anything at all of that sort. I’m not for sure if the Bible Park will be a success, but most importantly, I don’t know if there is good intent, or just greed.

  9. I think the main problem wont be the bible part itself. Because no one will go to it, and it will be out of business within a year or two. The problem would be when after it’s closed and run down, and the bible park land and area, becomes the fairgrounds after dark. Build a six flags there, and im all for it, but don’t waste the land for something that will just be an eye sore, or a high crime area 5 years down the road, and DEFFINITLY don’t do it with my tax dollars… just my 2cents.

  10. La Vergne give up warehouses?? Not very likely. La Vergne is not going to give up its industrial heritage. Look at The city’s website is a tribute to local industries. Any mention of the new Kroger’s on Nope. So I doubt if any warehouses will be coming down anytime soon.

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