This Street Parking Prohibition We Have

I get that LaVergne doesn’t allow parking on the street so that emergency vehicles can get through to fight fires, help at crime scenes or accidents, to rescue kitties from trees.  They have to be able to access all areas of the city to keep us all safe.  Not only do I “get” it, but I appreciate it.

But here’s the thing.  I have a listing many of you may have driven past on Bill Stewart.  It’s is very affordable ($124,900), has three bedrooms, two full baths, and it’s unbelievably beautiful inside.  But it does have limited parking … a one-car garage and a one-car driveway.  We had a buyer who loved it, but ultimately passed because of our city’s street parking ordinance.  If he invited family over, there wouldn’t be enough parking.

The thought that occurred to me was this – when we held the Parade of Homes in March, Police Chief Boyd said his officers wouldn’t ticket cars parked in front of the open houses that Sunday.  Could our city not have this same type of dispensation system when people have graduation parties, birthdays, or other special events?  Could we not figure out a way to allow our residents to park in front of their own homes so that they can entertain guests.  Or maybe even so they can sell rather than sit four houses in a row unsold because of a PARKING issue?

I go back to the original idea we’ve tossed around here about allowing parking on one side of the street… for example parking on the south or east side only.  We could buy parking permits to pay for signs that say, “Parking This Side Only.”

Now I know people from the city READ this site – contrary to the rants and poo-flinging of certain people – so can someone please please bring this up to our city officials?  What will it take to make this happen?

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  1. Kathy, I know there are some beautiful homes in Lake Forest for sale that have a lot of floor space; however, the parking space and yard space are not there. The zoning R3Z on Bill Stewart and other areas in LFE was one of the biggest mistakes this city ever made. The R3Z is no more,but that does not help what we have at the present. I do not know how we could possibly consider making paking on one side because who would want all the parking in front of their property? As for Bill Stewart, that is a major road in LFE, and safety issues with parked cars on it bothers me. The planning commission had no for thought when this was allowed to happen, and now I really do not see a GOOD fix to this problem. Believe me, I have thought about this many times and have had several calls concerning parking on the streets. I have even had people question why they could not have people park on the street when they had family gatherings and a certain alderman could have his guest park all over a very busy street and nothing was done. Sorry, I know this doesn’t solve anything but I am listening and do understand your concerns.

  2. If an alderman allows guests to park on the street around his house that is lined with NO PARKING ON STREET signs, why is he/his guests not cited for the violation? Oh yeah, it’s who you know in La Vergne (my opinion). We need to make sure all citizens are treated the same — no matter who they are! The parking issue in LFE just gets worse & worse & Kathy, sorry to say, but I can see why it’s a drawback to home sales. Most folks have at least 2 cars & you cannot entertain when you already have your driveway filled & nowhere else to park unless you want to risk being ticketed. So much for the thoughtful planning of our Planning Commission . . .

  3. Unfortunately, the parking situation isn’t much better in Woodland Hills.  The driveways are wide enough to accommodate two cars, but people park on the street anyway, for whatever reason.  Here’s the real kicker:  I don’t know about emergency vehicles, but if a schoolbus can’t get down the street, they flat-out don’t pick up the kids.  This happened to my daughter on multiple occasions when she was in elementary school.  I was working in Brentwood at the time, and thank God I had a wonderful neighbor that would run the kids to school if the bus didn’t show up.  You think I didn’t raise three kinds of hell about that fiasco?!

    After that, LaVergne PD ticketed cars for a few months, but it didn’t last long and people are back to parking on the streets. Guess we’ll see what happens when school starts back up again!

  4. Actually, you might want to call that prospective buyer back and tell him he’s in luck. I lived in LFE for 2 years and we had the one car garage/1 car driveway and whenever I had family or friends over I just called LPD and told them. If you call LPD and it’s not a regular thing (example – you can’t call EVERY night and tell them you’ll have parking on the street), they will not ticket you. I actually fought a $5 parking ticket over this issue and it was the judge who told me this. It always worked, I’d call LPD and no one would get a ticket.

  5. Yea, same as above. I had a party for halloween last year, and I called LVPD the day of and told them there will be cars parked in the street, but not for longer than the night, and they were fine with it. Also gave my neighbors a heads up. I didn’t have a problem with it, and I’m glad people can’t park on the streets, or in their yards…. up on blocks, with weeds growing out of their engines of a run down 82″ chevell.

  6. Actually, people can park in their yards. That is something I am trying to have changed.

  7. Part of the parking problem is the City Ordinances. It is my understanding that the current City Planner is working to correct this issue. The City does have some very knowledgeable people on staff, the problem is trying to get disinterested and unaware politicians to listen( and actually comprehend the issues at hand). All staff can do is recommend, approval belongs to the board.

  8. Trying — it is my experience that there is one who listens, but she cannot do it by herself. She will listen to the citizens’ concerns & bring them to the board, but she is but one & the others are more interested in hanging on to their relationships with the local builders & developers than fixing the problems these builders & developers create — my opinion! Again, the almighty dollar appears to be the only thing some see — there’s an election coming — remember those who turn a deaf ear to the citizens & those who actually listen!

  9. Cee Dee – You are correct. I have had quite a few converstations with Sena and yes she does listen; but she is only one vote. Want to try somthing interesting: try to find out how much money the City spends every month to settle law suits, why the State of Tennessee is about to start pounding the City with FINES, or the best one – why does the City still have City administrator (he cant hire or fire) what does he do? Did he lose any of his pay along with his duties?

  10. I wasn’t for sure if it is a good idea to comment, but just to explain the earlier post, I have looked at minimum parking requirements for new residential development, and plan to get more ideas from the Planning Commission this month. I have had a lot of help from our staff in doing this. The ordinance can then be reviewed, changed, and voted on by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

    I have had a lot of support from everyone since I have been here. If someone disagrees on an issue, it usually isn’t because there is a right or wrong. Most things are trying to find the lesser of two evils. It is a lot easier to recommend than actually have to make the decision.

    I don’t know of a good way to address existing parking issues. I personally don’t like any parking on the street, but I was a regional highway safety planner before I came here, so I usually look at sight distance and safety issues first. I also don’t want the auto insurance rates for 37086 to go up. It may not be a bad idea for some streets, but it would be hard to pick and choose, and not make anybody mad.

    In my opinion, Senna is right, and there is no good fix for the existing development. Lake Forest Park may help for some additional parking needs for that part of Lake Forest, if it is allowed. There is still a fair part of La Vergne that will probably be developed. Hopefully, if we can address the new residential development and require adequate parking, it will help what La Vergne will be like in 2020.

    There went my lunch break…

  11. I’d like to see the city with a parking permits valid for no more than 48 hours that must be displayed. Heck even charge a small fee for it.

  12. One of the first things which would steer me away from a neighborhood would be cars parked in the street.I can see an occasional weekend party or get together being an exception.I can tell you that navigating a vehicle in the Madison Square subdivision is a nightmare.I would almost prefer to drive through the Fallujah triangle.In most cases there is plenty of room for cars in the driveway,but that must be too difficult a task for sub prime homeowners.

  13. Thanks to Grant Green for all that he does for this city. We are very forunate to have Grant join our staff. I know that the citizens appreciate you taking the time to address their concerns. (no I’m not just saying this because he agreed with me )lol This city does have some very good employees that love this city and are trying to do what is in its best interest. If we do not know there are problems we can not fix them. All of us may have differences in opinions, but talking about them and trying to find a common solution is what makes things work. I have noticed there are some very intelligent bloggers on this site and have made some very good suggestions. Whether you agree or disagree with me, your opinions do matter to me and I am always willing to listen and take what is said under advisement

  14. I agree that this city still has a lot of land to be developed, but lets face facts: no new developement can be as large as LFE. If we cannot fix the parking problem in LFE, any new ordinances will be like putting lipstick on a pig. For better or worse, LV is probably going to be exclusively affiliated with LFE for the rest of our lives, so we need to address the problems there.

    We need to immidiately cease all parking on non-paved front yards. We also need to require zoning approval before widening a driveway to prevent people from paving over their lawns so that people can park 4 cars in front of a 900 square foot house.

    We could turn the newer parts of LFE into a haven for young singles or young married couples with no kids who only need 2 cars. If this city would address the parking issue, I truly believe that would solve a lot of our problems with the people who choose to live in LFE.

    It goes so much further than cars. Someone who parks in their yard is not going to have a nice looking lawn, and that will be a blight on their neighbors and will force good neighbors to leave for Smyrna or Franklin. I hate the idea of having to force people to be good neighbors, but something has to be done to turn this place around.

  15. One of the reasons this is a problem is because the elected officials cant see it from their house. Alderman Gann runs a business at his residential property. The mayor doesnt even own property, he rents from the Waldrons. Sherry green has not been up to date since 1980. Try parking at Waldrons junkyard, but has anyone ever noticed the no parking signs that are or used to be located in front of his junkyard on m’boro rd. , I never recall the police writing any tickets.

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