Open(ish) Thread Monday

Awhile back, MichaelinLV posted a comment that I thought was genius, but didn’t have time to deal with at the moment. Here it is:

I’ve got a suggestion, and maybe this will be a thread for this weekend while Kathy’s out. Why not get everyone to propose something they would like to see changed in La Vergne (be it a new ordinance, a beautification committee, no yard parking, etc.) and let’s figure out some way to present this to the Alderman for comments and consideration. We could possibly even have people sign it like a petition. I don’t know, I’m thinking out loud. I would say we keep it orderly though. One post per proposition.

I just keep hearing people say “Can something be done about x” and that’s a great thing to have a blog for that stuff, but lets see if we can get some actual movement on some of these things we want to see done to make our town great. Kathy, what do you think?

So, what changes would you like to see for the City?


Homes Sales Still Down, But It Feels Busier

I forgot I talked with a reporter yesterday from the DNJ.

Local home sales still down, but prices higher

If ya’ll want to make this another open thread and say what’s on your mind, go for it!   I’m heading to Graceland to see if Elvis has really left the building.

For now, two LOLCats.

And my favorite:

Random News at the End of the Day

Apologies to everyone who reads here regularly for not posting more often. This weekend will be no better because I’ll be gone for a few days. I’m hoping our contributing authors will jump in this weekend if anything is on their minds or in the news.

I heard today at our meeting that a murder trial started today. It’s the trial of the ex-boyfriend accused of killing the daughter and sister of two of my colleagues.  The sister of one of our LaVergne police officers.  I hope the family feels their hearts lifted by a community who loves and cares for them.

On a COMPLETELY different subject, I read about the woman who was asked to be more discreet while she breastfed her infant.  Although it’s a completely natural and healthy way to feed a baby, people just freak out when it happens.  I admit I’m guilty of the double-take when I see women breastfeeding, but I think if we lived in a culture that wasn’t sooooo……. soooooo…. what’s the word…… rigid about what undeniable acts of nature, then no one would bat an eye.  Rachel at Women’s Health News weighs in on the subject.  Bookmark her site – it’s well worth a regular visit.

When a woman has a baby – and aren’t there lots of babies out there – she does tend to lose some of her inhibitions when the well-being of her child comes into play.  Just like I recall tenderness in the moments of raising children, I clearly remember that I was like a Mama Bear ready to b*slap anyone who messed with my angels.  It’s nature.  Au d’natural. 

On yet another subject, I see that Gateway Pro Partners is closing its computer plant in LaVergne soon.  With this economy, I hope we don’t see more closings like this.

To entertain you and as further proof that breastfeeding is natural (the opening bit), I leave you with this.

Finally, to whomever called my friend Patrick Anderson of Anderson Auto Glass, thank you. You rock, man. 


Picture from here.

Guest Column: Calculating Property Taxes

Calculating Property Taxes
By Doug Shafer, County Commissioner, District 1

In talking with Kathy, I mentioned that on the LaVergne blog and on emails I’d received, there was some misunderstanding of how to calculate property taxes.

Tennessee uses an assessed value system for property taxes.  Different types of building uses are assigned percentages of appraised value depending on use.  For example single family residential is 25% and commercial is 40% of appraised value.

Tax rates as of June 22, 2008
Rutherford County $2.44 per hundred of assessed value.
LaVergne $.50 and Smyrna $.86.

To find appraised value of your property, go to

  • County Agencies –> Property Assessor
  • Search property data
  • After screen switch, search property data again

All that is really needed is the property street address

  • Search
  • Select, scroll down and read information

As an example:

A home appraised at $200,000…
$200,000 (appraised value at .25 assessment = $50,000 assessed value)

For the county
$50,000 x 2.44 (tax rate) x .01 (rate is per 100) = $1220 county property tax
For LaVergne
$50,000 x .50 x .01 = $250

Assessments for duplexes are either 25% or 40% of appraised value.

Assessed values are generally rounded to the nearest $100.

I hope this helps in understanding what your property taxes are.

(Signed) Doug Shafer

Twitter Talk

Do you Twitter?  Check out Twittervision to see what it’s about.  You can also feature your favorite pictures on TwitPic.  If you twitter, let us know your username below so we can follow you!  Here are some my favorites, most interesting, a mirror into the worlds of my friends  who seem to talk about food a lot.

The chigger bites I got while photographing the bones are driving me mad.

Too much Diet Mountain Dew. Heart is pounding!

mini and trudy are chasing fire flies.

Waitress just told me that my picture on my license looks “sexy and much younger” than I do now. I don’t quite know how to take that.

dang… drumming will make you sweat.

Did you know that you’re one of @WilliamShatner’s favorites? JEALOUS!

Sir, when scanning the room before loudly and proudly farting @ the bar, please remember to look directly behind you. You overlooked me. Hi!

Even though I had a snack not so long ago, I’m already wanting something big and unhealthy for dinner.

If you have a ponytail and you’re wearing a suit, your hipness and seriousness cancel each other out.

Still mourning the loss of the local Chinese Restaurant. It’s representative of the destruction of society in Hoots. Yeah, I’m bitter.

Coke and chocolate chip cookies for lunch. Take that Health Nazis.

yes, I will eat your almond paste. Stick it in my mouth.

Stop sniffing your mayor.

Open Thread Tuesday

Does anyone happen to know when the next mayoral election will happen? And when’s the deadline to file for alderman? Not that I would EVER run, people, but just wondering. And who is already running that we should endorse?

Anything else on your minds, La Vergninians?

Turn LaVergne Into Community for the Arts

My column was published today in the Daily News Journal.  It took what felt like a couple of weeks for it to be printed, so I’d grown very nervous about its message.  But now that I’ve read it again, I stand by it (like the chef’s on Top Chef stand by their dishes!).

An excerpt,

A friend had suggested not too long ago that La Vergne should accept who we are — an industrial town with affordable homes — and then improve upon it. Although we are absolutely elated to gain a Kroger grocery store, it is unlikely any major department-type stores will ever move here. Instead, we need to figure out how to attract the upwardly mobile professionals to our neighborhoods, along with artists, musicians, writers, herbal gardeners, computer programmers, game developers and others whose key to success is their creativity.

I am working with a playwright now helping her to find a home. She would be PERFECT addition to an art community as she could volunteer at the library or at schools, bring her director friends here to put on shows, etc. I wish she didn’t have to be so close to her job at Vanderbilt U. 

I want to emphasize that any effort to attract artists and others to our community would do so without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status (including children under the age of 18 living with parents of legal custodians, pregnant women, and people securing custody of children under the age of 18), handicap (disability), or age. I have the utmost respect for and determination to abide by Fair Housing Laws.

Here’s the column.

PostScript – I wrote the water “ahem” before I read the explanation on the post below about who is responsible for the LaV water troubles. So I now hope the contractor fixes it.