LaV Water Questions

I’m sorry I haven’t updated, but good fortune is smiling and I’ve been very busy with work… however, Deana posed this question in one of the comments.

Hey is there anyone out there concerned about the water violation in La Vergne?! They sent out that nice little convenient notice, but they never said that ANYTHING was being done about it. It said that it could cause all kinds of problems over several years. And I don’t know about you but my water smells and tastes horrible! Anyone try to contact the city about it?

Thoughts??  Comments?


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  1. Gag!……..Yak!……..Barf!

    Mr. Lips? Meet Mr. Mt. Dew.

  2. IJS, Hahaha… you’re too funny. When we moved here from Lexington, Ky., we’d just invested in a water filtration system for our house. Fortunately we were able to bring it with us.

  3. My grandfather is the type of man who thinks it’s a waste of money to buy bottled water and can’t EVER taste a difference in water. While visiting, he got up to get a drink in the middle of the night and spit it back out. The next morning he informed me that was the worst water he’d ever had and even went and bought me lots more bottled water. ;) He wouldn’t even drink it for his coffee.

  4. I am a new resident to La Vergne, and I work for an interior plant service, and the water here stinks! When I fill up a bucket of water, it reeks. I see people at drinking fountains, and I can’t imagine doing it. I also brought my water system with me when I moved, and I can’t wait to get it installed.

  5. I get a rotten egg smell when I turn on the faucet in the bathroom. I have to let it run for a minute to clear the smell out.

  6. What kind of city is this?!?!?! Water is something we use everyday. For our laundry, drinking, showering, we give it to our pets, etc How come they aren’t in a rush to fix this. I heard on the news that TTHM can cause cancer. WTF!?!?!? They say it could be because of 32 consecutive days of temperatures above 90 degrees. WE LIVE IN TENNESSEE!! It can get pretty hot here.

  7. I don’t know. I’ve been in LV for 5 years and I’ve never had a problem with our water. Mine never turned pink, it doesn’t smell bad, and it doesn’t taste bad when used to cook food or coffee. I do have a filter in my fridge that I use when I’m just drinking plain water, but me personall I have no complaints.

    Of course, my house backs up to Smyrna city limits, maybe they accidentally connected me to Smyrna water!?

  8. The letter I received says that the water “should” meet regulations by the third quarter of this year, which is kind of elusive, the third quarter could be one of three months, which is it? I certainly don’t want to start drinking the tap water in July if it’s not going to be clear until September. Honestly, I think I’ll just stick with the Brita water filter rather than our tap. We’re using filtered water for the dog and cats too, by the way. If I won’t drink it, I’m certainly not giving it to my pets. Last summer I killed an entire aquarium by adding some of our fine city water to my tank, even after I treated it as I normally do prior to adding it. Lesson learned! Fish are sensitive to funky water, but they can handle it for a while. Mine died within minutes of the water being added, and that told me right there that we had some funky water.

    I found the letter over at the city’s site a few days ago, but now it’s AWOL. On my letter, it says
    ” If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water utility, please contact Thomas
    Champagne,, or by phone at 615-793-6536″

    Hope that helps yah.

  9. Ok, I am going to try to explain what has happen with the water. The company that takes care of our water treatment plant is just responsible for the manufactoring of drinkable water or for the plant itself. When the water enters the lines for distribution, the city becomes responsible. When the weather was extreme last summer more chemicals had to be added to keep it at certain levels. The city is responsible for a flushing program with the lines.

  10. Sorry, I ran out of room. If the lines are not flushed regularly this buildup of chlorine forms in the lines. Here in lies the problem. The lines were not being flushed and the state gave violations!!! To my understanding, the violation holds for x amount of time until it is time for our reinspection. I hope I have explained this correctly. My problem is who the hell was in charge of making sure this was to be done? Well. everyone knows from here what I think!!. POOR MANAGEMENT

  11. The variation in water quality really puzzles me, since I assume it all comes from the same source. We’ve been here since 1989 and other than extremely high water pressure that will blow your pipes out, we’ve never had the first problem with the water – no discoloration, funny smell or taste.

  12. If we are being heavily fined for lack of management within the city, something needs to be done with those who are in charge of insuring these violations don’t occur. Who’s in charge of the Water Dept. & who oversees these employees? The State doesn’t fool around with this stuff & our past history shows that this city is not fast to correct problems therefore we get fined to the max. This is becoming a pattern instead of an isolated incident. Sorry, Kathy, but all this info on the “bad water” in La Vergne isn’t a good selling point for prospective home buyers or retail — just adds more bad publicity.

  13. In other news, did anyone read the story in yesterdays DNJ about La Vergne and Smyrna budgets? Neither city will be increasing property taxes this year, but I did notice a couple of things. For one, apparently the census was completed and showed 26,427 responders.

    But what I found most interesting is that Lavergne has a budget of $11mil, and Smyrna has a budget of $30mil. There population is only about 25% larger than us, but they spend 63% more than us?

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? All I’ll say in our favor is that their property tax rate is $.36 higher than ours, which means for a $200k house, you would spend $720/yr MORE in Smyrna taxes. That’s steep!

  14. This issue has been on my mind for several months and I’m glad you brought it up, Kathy. I drink a lot of water each day, so when we moved here a little over 2 years ago, I immediately noticed how terrible the tap water smells and tastes. Then the whole pink/EPA incident happened awhile back, and now this. No offense, really, to those of you who think it tastes fine, but I can only guess that you just don’t notice it because you have lived here a long time and maybe you are used to it. Getting a filtration system is at the top of my honeydo list, but for now we use bottled. Is there anything we can do to help improve the quality and taste?

  15. More fines to come from the State. The City has been warned about multiple violations numerous times, nothing has ever been done. The city administrator has been aware of these issues. Sena is right, go to the top and you will find the problem. The city administrator once stated that employee morale was very high, the mayor stated in the newspaper that the city is pro-employee; what planet do they get their weed from( i just might need some of that). It is impossible to make claims of this nature when you dont talk to the employees, how can one speak with their head stuck up their a**.

  16. After talking with several Water Treatment Plant Operators, they have informed me that the bad taste and oder in the water stems down to one thing, and that one thing is if the treatment plant does not run carbon; ( and that is something that the lavegne treatment plant which is ran by a company from out of state), then there is no way to filter out the chemical by products which are the TTHM’s. See when the water is pulled in through the intake that is when the treatment plant should be mixing in the chlorinated substance but instead of doing so they are mixing it in at the flock, which cuts down on the detention time. For those or all of you who do not know much about water treatment, detention time is the time that the water has to settle and be filtered not only by the filtering tanks but also by the carbon. So furthermore by the company who is providing treatment of Lavergne’s water changing the procedure and not mixing when they should and by not adding the carbon as they should that has caused the bad taste and odor. So contrary to what everyone believes it really is not on the city it is on this nation wide company that has bought out the operations to the Lavergne treatment plant. So maybe we as citizens should step back and look at the whole picture and not jump on the bandwagons. Oh and for those of you that think, oh my God I can get cancer, sick or whatever thats just alot of foolishness, you would have to drink 52 gallons of water everyday for the next 20-25 years before you could even get a tiny amount of that junk in your system. If you need proof then go talk to a water specialist and they will further explain it to you. In closing we now should look at the source and cause of the problem the company running the treatment facility and not the city of lavergne and there water department!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. dear cee dee the person who is in charge of the water dept. is chad bowman he has to maintain the whole citys water lines they fix water breaks allthe time also they have to take care of customer complaints that is just a little bit of what they do i have seen them out at all hours of the night i also seen them out on christmas eve and i know that they have young children im not saying that should matter but to people that care about family it does & further more the city does not pay them guys enough money an hour in my eyes ps all the info on who runs what dept is on there web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. big d you are right, and I think that some people should go out with these gentlemen who do all of this work late at night when everyone is sound asleep in there beds at home with there children and see what it is these guys really go through to make sure that this city has the best working pipes to provide them with the water that we use to take showers etc…

  19. Big d, thank you for your comment. The information I gave in the above statement was how it was explained to me. I have been out at all hours of the night with the water dept. They are hard workers and as I have stated before the city does have some awsome employees. I am not sure that all the facts have been given to me regarding this water problem; however, I am always willing to listen and learn.

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