Another Reader Comment Post: The City Budget

I want to thank everyone for their continued discussions here at This is LaVergne, though my posting has been light lately.  Another reader comment was made that I feel warrants full discussion, so I’m moving it to here.

In other news, did anyone read the story in yesterdays DNJ about La Vergne and Smyrna budgets? Neither city will be increasing property taxes this year, but I did notice a couple of things. For one, apparently the census was completed and showed 26,427 responders.

But what I found most interesting is that Lavergne has a budget of $11mil, and Smyrna has a budget of $30mil. There population is only about 25% larger than us, but they spend 63% more than us?

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? All I’ll say in our favor is that their property tax rate is $.36 higher than ours, which means for a $200k house, you would spend $720/yr MORE in Smyrna taxes. That’s steep!

Good question, Michael J.  What do you think, LaV?


11 Responses

  1. Maybe Smyrna’s extra $19 mil. is why they get the additional ambulance. I’m still concerned about the fact that when my gardener had that horrible accident on Memorial Day weekend, the 911 operator told me
    ” The ambulance that we would usually dispatch for LaVergne has already been dispatched on another call, so we have to send one of Smyrna’s, so it’ll be a few minutes. ” THE ambulance? One? That cant be. 26,000 people have to share access to one single ambulance? Please tell me the dispatcher misspoke.

  2. I would really like to know the answer to that question also.

  3. I too am concerned about the ambulance, but then I began thinking, aren’t the ambulances provided by Rutherford County? We have a private company, La Vergne Fire Department INC that we contract for our fire services, so the only other option would be Rutherford County, right?

    Maybe that extra $19mil is why they keep upgrading their roads and we still have the Old Nashville Highway “thrill ride.” (Maybe that’s how we should market this city???)

  4. well Smyrna has more to do within the parks and rec depts. we have more parks, golf course, plus fireworks in July. We dont have that many things here like that. Plus Smyrna also has a court with judges and the offices for court. They seem to take better care of their roads as well. I know if you drive down chaney rd you have to dodge pot holes and that is also the case on sanders at elm st. I have noticed too that late at night smyrna has a street sweeper that cleans the major roads. I guess that is why smyrna is growing so much because they take better care with their city! Plus have you heard anything bad from the smyrna gov or its employees? I think not!!


  6. $720/yr of a $50,000 income (assuming you own a 200k house with a traditional loan, this is the income you’d need to not be totally broke – but you’d still be pretty broke, in which case you own too much house for your income)
    is 1.44% of your income.

    or $13.84 a week. People with such an income spend more money on coffee a week. It’s really a no brainier when it comes to better roads, better schools, etc. $720 for $200k is cheap.

  7. Wow, Smyrna’s higher taxes mean better schools for Smyrna? That’s great because I’m zoned for elementary and middle schools in Smyrna. Glad I do’nt have to pay the higher taxes for them!!!

    Ok, that was sarcasm. Schools are funded by County property taxes, not city. Smyrna definitely has better roads.

  8. Actually there are 4 ambulances in the northern end of Rutherford County, and the zones typed out by “imintheknow” are very INCORRECT. The ambulance designated to respond to a particular location is not determined by the actual city limits a person resides but is determined by the location of the patient. Ambulance units are dispatched so that the closest appropriate unit is sent to that person’s location.

  9. 4?

  10. Yes, Counterpart is right. Not to waste time (as it can be a question of life) the closest ambulance unit is usually send. Quite the same with air ambulance.

  11. I would like to know how to find out who are the 911 operators in lavergne. i have a transcript, but only ID #’s with no names. anyone know how to find out who goes with that ID?

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