Optical Illusion Ballet Dancer

From the files of Les Jones, here’s a great optical illusion.  Which way is the ballet dancer turning?

I can usually see the ballerina “change” directions when I scroll down and see only her legs.  Or unfocus my eyes to something else with the dancer still in sight.

Thanks, Les!


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  1. I don’t get this at all…..I cannot see her “change.” What do you mean “change?” She’s going only one way…that’s all I detect/see. What am I not getting, or what am I missing?

  2. No… she *does* change directions. Scroll so that you can only see her legs below the knees. It’s hard to see, but it does happen. Then you go, “Wow.” Dude.

  3. Itt doess woww x

  4. i have seen this before, you do not even have to scroll down, just look away for a sec and picture her going the other way in your mind, then look back at the image and it may be going the opposite direction.

  5. actually it changes, it’s not an optical llusion

  6. I wish I still looked like that….LOL!

  7. Great optical illusion, it all has to do with the assumptions your mind makes given a lack of information as is the case here. Since the ballet dancer appears relatively 2D and we are used to a 3D world, our minds make assumptions in order to generate a more 3D image… thus the possibility of a change given that you can convince your mind that it’s spinning in some other direction.

  8. she’s showing off!

  9. this is great because it is a actually a 2D picture with the pixels moving in a very percise manner.

  10. i saw it lol allsome

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