Gong. The Bell Continues to Toll

Just saw this in the DNJ… the city employees who were outspoken about the hostile work environment have filed a lawsuit.

… on June 2, the two found a recording device in their work truck, an “older, less reliable” one, as their normal truck had been given to a co-worker whose had broken down a few weeks prior. According to court documents, Boone and Corder believe that the device was installed in the public works department’s parking lot, which is monitored by video.

Read the entire story here.


27 Responses

  1. Maybe they should just go ahead and fire the two employees because they are insubordinate and don’t do anything. This is a great way to keep your job, maybe everyone should try it. Great example to the taxpayers, fellas. Everyone really appreciates the circus atmosphere you help bring – I mean, nobody really wants Al Sharpton down here. Maybe they are the ones that planted the recording device to instigate further…hmmm????

    Oh, and isn’t Boone white? I’m about a 1/16th Cherokee, or however that computes out…don’t have any problems where I work.

    Lastly, the last time I saw the city fleet, most of the vehicles are fairly broke a$$- I mean, broke in.

  2. They dont do anything anyway. Boone walked off one weekend when he was supposed to be on-call and told nobody. His supervisor was not allowed to punish him for neglecting to perform his duties. I bet the recording device is crap. I do believe that Boone and Corder also filed a false police report about the truck with the rebel flag, isnt filing a false police report a crime. LPD did review the tapes regarding the truck that was not there.

  3. well the tapes were destored…way to go Lavergne…purging fils and tapes…..never goin to change

  4. well tonight mom has coe home very very upset. her boss has upset her again for the 3rd time this month. She had someone come in that owed money for a past water bill and the other woman that works there worked out a deal that she didnt have to pay for the past bill…this is wrong!!! why do certin people in this dept get to chenge things every single day??? om has over 50 pages of documentaion from the first day she has started work which has been right at 2 yrs… I think the mayor needs to sit down with mom and talk to her about this problem…everyone at city hall knows how bad this dept is and the ones that have worked in there before has gotten out …the management in this dept sucks!! I am callng this out tonight because I am sick and tired of mon coming home in tears and nothing this being done about this through upper mgmnt and human resources. she has been told this is all petty but when they let cetain customer not pay back bills I dont see this as petty!!!

  5. You’re going to get your mom fired, bearoller. You’d better learn to keep your mouth shut.

  6. If she’s got things documented, I don’t think she has to worry about getting fired. If she does, she would probably have a good lawsuit against the city. Imagine that – another lawsuit against the city. When is it going to end?

  7. If I keep my mouth shut and everyone else does too then the problems with this government will never get fixed….It really burns me up that my 66yr old mother comes home so upset almost everynight because they get on to her for things she does but was told to do things one way but the next day or week they change things on her……no consistency with this dept!!! If my mother ends up having health problems because of this …I will be speaking out even more!!! My mother is just waiting until Jan of 2010 and then she is going to retire!! Ask anyone that has worked in that det and they will tell you its awefull……enough said!! I pay my taxes to this city so yes I have a right to speak up and say something …if it wasnt my mother then I would still say something it just isnt right!!!

  8. Please let me help. There is such a thing know as the Whislte Blower Act. I have been told that city employees are not to talk to me and if they do they could be fired. Well If someone would come forward and back this statement I WILL get to that person making these threats. I too am so tired of all the bs going on in this city. Bearroller I am ready when you are!

  9. Blogs and email are admissible in court. Old “telling tales” is playing a dangerous game….don’t write anything you don’t think can be explained reasonably to 12 people – or published in the Tennessean.

  10. HOLY CRAP!

    This if getting GOOD!

    Carry on…..please!

  11. Every year, corrupt organizations cheat the federal government out of billions of taxpayer’s dollars.

    If you suspect any person or company is defrauding the government, don’t be afraid to report it. Not only is it is the right thing to do, you may be entitled to a significant reward often totaling millions of dollars.

    Whistleblowers – We will work to ensure the following:
    Privacy Protection: When reporting fraud, you do not need to disclose your identity unless you wish to. All information disclosed to the attorney representing you is subject to the attorney-client privilege, which means that it cannot be disclosed to any other party without your permission . You should therefore, only discuss this information with an attorney who is evaluating your case.

    Job Protection: The Whistleblower Protection Act protects you from harassment, demotion and wrongful termination for reporting fraud. Because of the law, you can file a whistleblower claim knowing that you are protected from retaliation.

    Financial Reward: Over $1 billion has already been paid to individuals who helped uncover fraud against the government. As long as you are the first individual to file such a claim, you have the right to share in the recovery.

    First to Report: It is important to be the initial source of information the fraud become generally that is only the person who is entitled to a financial ward. Do not delay. Act now.

    Our firm is only investigating claims in which a business entity, such as a company or medical practice, is submitting false claims to a governmental entity. We do not handle cases involving individuals receiving government benefits under false pretenses. (For example, we do not handle claims in which a person falsely claims a disability in order to receive government benefits.) For these types of claims, you should contact the appropriate government agency directly, such as Medicaid, and report the fraud. Tax on IRS Fraud must exceed $2 Million.

  12. Hey Fred, You must not know me very well. I always have my facts WELL documented. You noticed that in my previous conversation I stated, ” If an employee would back the comments ” I do not work on tall tales.

  13. Whoa, easy there! My response was for the comment:

    “Telling tales out of school, on June 13th, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said:
    You’re going to get your mom fired, bearoller. You’d better learn to keep your mouth shut.”

    Sounded a little like intimidation to me, if you take it a certain way.

    I guess what I said could have (or was) misinterpreted, too. My earlier comment was not in response to what you said at all, Ms. Mosley. It was actually meant to back all of the last posters up.

  14. By last posters, I mean Bearroller, blah blah, and you. Yowza! God help water billing!

  15. Sorry Fred. You are right!! I just get really frustrated when good employees are being threatened. I am so glad that the citizens are starting to see what has been going on for years in this city. Thanks for your response to me. See I not a total B—–! lol

  16. We love Senna!! We love Lavergne!

  17. Here is a post from 2 yrs ago about tax and water bills…..interesting that we do forget about these things…https://thisislavergne.wordpress.com/2006/09/04/doug-salisbury-for-alderman/#comments

  18. Whoa, whoa. I don’t work for the city of LaVergne and have no power whatsoever in this. That was not supposed to be threatening.

  19. Telling tales:

    This problem has been going on for 2 yrs now and If your mother was coming home at least 2 days a week almost in tears and upset you would be tired of this too and ready to speak out!

  20. Hey Bear, tell your mother to apply for the payroll clerks job, it is posted. The majority of board members and admin. do not care for the employees. I know that they would say differently, but we have seen their double standards first hand for years, their interference with employees performing work they way it is supposed to be done. The City asked employees take Spanish classes at Motlow, of the employees that did take the Spanish, only one employee completed two semesters and did not receive so much as a thank you; that same employee also had the Fire Marshal job stripped from him after throwing a company out of a building that was hit by a tornado. The building official that is appealing his termination has lunch with the H.R. Director. I have heard much more but it doesnt matter. Bye the way, did anyone know the building official was fired, the Mayor sure kept that quiet.

  21. Mom is only wanting to be left alone in the office and for them not to change things everyday. She loves her job but says with them talking to her like she is a child gets old and them changing things almost everyday , she doesnt know what to do and is sometimes scared to do something for the fear of being told she is wrong again!! If they would just treat her like an adult things would be fine!! I know they will be giving her a hard time now that I have said somethings on here. She didnt want me to say anyting but I am tired of them treating her like dirt and this needs to come out in the open now!!

  22. It is 6:30 on a wonderful Monday morning, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck (I love Mondays and mornings that much). I just have to say I’m glad me and the alderman that posts are coo’. And see, I misunderstood telling tales, or so it seems. It happens!

    I think I know who Bearroller’s mom is, just by the descriptions. She is a very sweet lady.

  23. But are ANY of these employees willing to tell all to the appropriate people & do they have the appropriate documentation to do so? If so, please help straighten our city government out — make it an honest place to live and one we can once again be proud of! We don’t need bullies & crooks running our city!!!!

  24. Bear, I don’t think you’re helping your mom’s case but only hurting it. The whistleblower’s law doesn’t protect your mother when you’re the one running around venting about it on blogs. That’s why I made my original comment.

    THINK about it, if you were an employer. Budget cuts roll around and who would you get rid of? The employee who has a kid running around making comments on blogs about how bad your department is? Like I said before. I have no dog in this fight, my comment was supposed to be advice, not threatening. I understand wanting to protect your mom, kid, but I don’t think you are helping anything.

  25. Mom and I have talked this weekend and we have things under control and things are going to get better for her…trust me! I am not going to say too much me on here but everyone just wait and se what develops now ok!!! I was venting yes.

  26. hey roller, how did it go for your mother today? Were there any problems? Just curious.

  27. Let’s just say she came home not upset today…..she has asked me not to talk anymore about this for she fears her job!! so out of respect I am going to wait and see what happens!!

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