Random News at the End of the Day

Apologies to everyone who reads here regularly for not posting more often. This weekend will be no better because I’ll be gone for a few days. I’m hoping our contributing authors will jump in this weekend if anything is on their minds or in the news.

I heard today at our meeting that a murder trial started today. It’s the trial of the ex-boyfriend accused of killing the daughter and sister of two of my colleagues.  The sister of one of our LaVergne police officers.  I hope the family feels their hearts lifted by a community who loves and cares for them.

On a COMPLETELY different subject, I read about the woman who was asked to be more discreet while she breastfed her infant.  Although it’s a completely natural and healthy way to feed a baby, people just freak out when it happens.  I admit I’m guilty of the double-take when I see women breastfeeding, but I think if we lived in a culture that wasn’t sooooo……. soooooo…. what’s the word…… rigid about what undeniable acts of nature, then no one would bat an eye.  Rachel at Women’s Health News weighs in on the subject.  Bookmark her site – it’s well worth a regular visit.

When a woman has a baby – and aren’t there lots of babies out there – she does tend to lose some of her inhibitions when the well-being of her child comes into play.  Just like I recall tenderness in the moments of raising children, I clearly remember that I was like a Mama Bear ready to b*slap anyone who messed with my angels.  It’s nature.  Au d’natural. 

On yet another subject, I see that Gateway Pro Partners is closing its computer plant in LaVergne soon.  With this economy, I hope we don’t see more closings like this.

To entertain you and as further proof that breastfeeding is natural (the opening bit), I leave you with this.

Finally, to whomever called my friend Patrick Anderson of Anderson Auto Glass, thank you. You rock, man. 


Picture from here.

2 Responses

  1. I saw the snippet on the nightly news Tuesday night and my jaw dropped at the audacity of the situation. I breastfeed my 4 month old & often worry about flashing someone accidentally because I’m not the swiftest at getting my baby latched on. But, I can’t believe anyone complained in the first place (in the news clip, you couldn’t see any part of her breast while she was nursing). It’s a shame that some people solely associate breasts as sexual in nature. I’m hoping it was a case of miscommunication. If someone courteously offered a more comfortable place for me to breastfeed, I’d take it. Granted, the TV news clip left out her alleged screaming fit. I joked that I was going to march down there and whip out my breast and feed my baby in protest.

  2. If you read “To Kill a Mockingbird”, during the court scene, a break for lunch is taken. Lee writes that mothers unbuttoned their blouses for their babies to eat, too.

    It didn’t used to be uncommon to see breastfeeding in public, probably no one thought anything about it when it was done all the time. I think people will get used to it again.

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