Homes Sales Still Down, But It Feels Busier

I forgot I talked with a reporter yesterday from the DNJ.

Local home sales still down, but prices higher

If ya’ll want to make this another open thread and say what’s on your mind, go for it!   I’m heading to Graceland to see if Elvis has really left the building.

For now, two LOLCats.

And my favorite:


29 Responses

  1. Its nice to know that Rutherford County property taxes just went up 12 cents!!!

  2. 12 cents = no big deal.

    If you’re living in a house large enough for it to be a thousand dollar change for you that ruins your budget, rethink your priorities, etc.

    What I’m curious about, though…
    I just got our annual water quality report…
    I’d like to quote some lines verbatim for you…
    “If the pressure in the home it can rupture lines.” Page 6 Paragraph 1.
    “Although this situation does not require that you take immediate action, as our customers, you as a customer have a right to know what happened …”
    Page 4, Paragraph 1
    “… and the foreign substance sucked into the water system.” Page 5 Paragraph 4
    Repeat use of the word ‘Facet’ instead of ‘Faucet’ on Page 5.

    I’m not calling anyone names, but this is foolish. Hopefully that extra property tax money will pay for a proofreaders salary.

  3. I read that gibberish out loud to the hubby and we had a good laugh. But, seriously, if that report is an indication of how our city is run than we are in trouble. Caution: big vocabulary word coming up. Parts of it were incomprehensible. It appears as if the City of LV could use a PR guy. No wonder outsiders see LV as hickville.

  4. Not only is that report a indication of how our city is run, but it is precisely the end result of a lack of educational requirements, decisions made in haste, apathy, and disregard for sub-par performance levels . La Vergne isn’t the only city suffering from this tragedy, look around you. The dumbing down of America began years ago, and its up to us to reverse the trend.

  5. on this report look at the city seal and it states n the seal communtiy pride…..HA! I laughed out loud at that…….I would be proud to live here if things were run right and it was safe to live here. I know others would disagree with me but this is my opinion

  6. It appears as if the City of LV could use a PR guy.

    They actually DO have a PR person. And I’m pretty sure she has a college degree. A college degree doesn’t guarantee that you can spell or make any sense, as is evidenced daily.

  7. Looks like City of LV needs a new PR gal, then.

  8. Ok I vote for Ivy to be the new PR person……I bet she can turn things around and make this city look good!!

  9. @badbadivy, amen to that one, girlfriend.

  10. Or maybe the city needs to invest in a word processing program that has spell check, and then teach the PR guy how to use it :)

    On another note,
    Anyone else getting aggravated with the incessant fireworks at all hours of the night, every single night? And the subsequent trash they leave behind? I mean really, if you’re gonna shoot em’ off, at least clean up behind yourself. And if your bottle rockets shoot into your neighbor’s flower beds, have the decency to go over there and pick up the remnants when the fun is all done for the night. Just my opinion…my VERY strong opinion. : )

  11. I’m with ya, Fortune Cookies. I hate the freaking 4th of July.

  12. At least this year the grass isn’t dry and crunchy and easily ignitable! A couple of years ago, we were away during the festivities and our nice neighbor put out a fire on our lawn. We live across the street from a family with a teenage son who aims bottle rockets in our general direction yearly. We’re really tempted to collect all the firework remnants and dump them in a pile on their front porch step.

  13. I also hate fireworks. In fact, I pretty much am AFRAID of fireworks not set off by professionals. Years ago I lived about 45 minutes away from a place where a mentally challenged teenager was paid by other teens to light one under one of those tents. Nine were killed. Now having them shot near my home makes sure I can’t sleep until it’s quiet.

  14. I believe they are supposed to cease at 11PM, right? Isn’t that what the noise ordinance is for? If they’re still blasting, call LPD non-emergency at 615-793-7744.

    I too hate the fireworks. My dog goes nuts for these weeks around the 4th. And I hate the trash, but you can’t determine who shot off which fireworks because once they go up, the debris doesn’t comestraight back down.

  15. I’m not trying to pick a fight and I’m not a physics professor or aerospace engineer BUT sometimes you can determine who is shooting off fireworks. Especially based on factors like timing, the topography of your yard, and my own visual acuity. My dog, too, goes ape shi* for weeks before, during and after holidays that people feel are appropriate for fireworks (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, Tuesday, Thursday..) I’m blessed that my newborn is mostly unaffected by the barking.

  16. I have no problem calling the PD if the noise is after 11 pm. The noise ordinance runs from 11 pm to 7 am. I have used it several times on my neighbor who thinks it is cool to listen to his music so loud that I can hear it over my tv and other things in the house. He now respects on how loud his music is.

  17. You’re right MagMom, some times you do know who shot off the fireworks. I guess I was thinking more like on the night of the 4th when every other house is shooting off fireworks.

    I would love to see La Vergne simply ban shooting of fireworks in residential area’s, but this town would probably never go for that.

  18. LPD will silence the offenders if called. About 1:15AM last summer, my neighbors were still setting them off. I called and within 10 minutes I had silence.

  19. I’m suprised there is a noise ordinance. A couple of years ago, I called the police because of a neighbor’s dog that barked nonstop all night and they told me that there was nothing they could really do because there weren’t really any laws against barking dogs. I suspect a noise ordinance would cover that, eh?

  20. Thanks! Great info, that’s precisely what I was looking for. 11pm I can call. Still, I think it’s a little late, I mean, I have to get up at 4:30 every morning, and I know my neighbors get up at 4am. But we’re out of the “norm” so…11 pm, I’ll be calling LaVergne’s finest! lol
    The other thing I wonder about is the litter that the fireworks leave behind. Can’t the city or the police start ticketing people for littering when they don’t pick up their mess? If we report that we saw so-ing so shooting fireworks last night, and today there’s garbage all over the street and in our yards, can’t something be done? This issue is worse at the 4th of July, but honestly, it goes on year round.

  21. ivy – yes, that’s exactly what a noise ordinance is for. guess the officers that came out to your call hadn’t heard of it ? ;)

  22. LOL, Fortune, that’s kinda what I figured, or else they weren’t thinking “outside the box” that night. Well, by “they”, I mean “he”. By the way, I linked to ya over at Love Shak, Baby today, did you happen to see where I linked you on your Sitemeter?

  23. I live next to the library. I was driving to church yesterday and I thought to myself, do you really need 9 tents that sell fireworks in a 2 mile radius? Not to mention the “World’s Largest Fireworks” store. They even have tents that are right next too each other. SERIOUSLY?!?!? This city makes me hate the 4th…I have a bunch idiots who set them off 20 yards away from house and mini forest. I pray every year my house won’t go up in flames. I know they can’t pay for it.

    At least I know one of the tents won’t be there next year because of new retail (behind Region’s Bank) that’s coming. YESSS!

  24. If you’ll notice, the water quality announcement was not typed or posted by me. If you have a problem with what the city is putting out as far as media, please call me with your concerns. I look forward to hearing from you. 207-4678.

    I have a college degree and 20+ years in the newspaper business. But no matter how much good press I put out there, I can’t force the media to write about it. There seems to be a negative perception of all cities on editorial boards and that’s what they tend to concentrate on. Just pick up a paper or turn on the local news at any time. It’s no longer like it was when I was at the Courier. Reporters don’t hang around city hall looking for stories. They wait for me to send them something.

    I have to beg sometimes to get a positive story written (and even then it doesn’t get done), so please before you start playing the blame game, get your facts straight. I’d be happy to discuss this with anyone in La Vergne who has a concern. I can be reached day and night.

    By the way, I am also in charge of Old Timers’ Day, work on National Night Out, take tons of photos of La Vergne activities for the DNJ (posted on-line and in the paper), am on the PAL Executive Board, coordinated the census, helped with sales of ads for the city map and am in charge of the Citizen’s Update (which is proofread by at least three people). So I do much more than write press releases about the city. Plus, I can’t make up stuff, it has to be factual before it goes out, so there’s a limit as to what I can do.

    Example: There’s a PAL member that’s going to the National speed skating championships. I sent the info out two weeks ago, practically handing the media a positive story and asking a major favor of the sports departments. The only person I know that’s doing anything on this is Steve Wrigley from Channel 4, who will be doing something on Sunday,

    So maybe this helps explains my job to the citizens. I wish if you have a complaint or comment, you’d just call. I’m really a nice person who likes to hear the views of the citizens. Or, if you prefer not to call, write me at

    And, since I’m still on vacation, this is again, just a comment from a citizen, not an official statement from the city.

  25. Considering that the water quality report was a publicly distributed item, many could assume that a PR person might have reviewed it for readability, spelling, and grammar. Unfortunately, the piece was distributed as is and the city’s reputation suffered. Maybe, a fourth proofreading for the Citizen’s Update would have prevented its apparent typos and incomplete sentences.

  26. The citizen’s update was proofed by three different people. When doing something of that magnitide — or even a newspaper — mistakes are going to happen. As far as the water quality report goes, the folks at Severn Trent at the Water Treatment Plant did that and have for years. I wasn’t given the opportunity to read the WQR before it went to press. I could take the blame for not asking, but then again, I wasn’t handling the project and never have. Magmom, I’d like to talk to you about ideas for future press releases and the typos in the CItizen’s Update ( with the exception of the stoplight, which didn’t appear on any proof until it was printed). Please also realize that I write in Journalistic Associated Press style, not high school-taught English. There’s a big difference. Feel free to call me 207-4678 or e-mail me at Please don’t take this as an offensive stance. I look forward to new challenges and opportunities to improve.

  27. Oh, I was totally unaware that “Journalistic Associated Press style” had different spelling and grammar than plain old English. Go figure.

  28. My criticism of the Citizen’s Update has less to do with its content and more to do with its careless execution. Proofreading the paper occupied minutes of my time and I will not waste more time listing the inconcise and incomplete sections here despite who authored it. Because some residents’ exposure to the City of LaVergne is limited to the Citizen’s Update, “the magnitude” of the project should not be an excuse. The reader’s perception of LaVergne is important to me.

    Please elaborate on your definition of “Journalistic Associated Press style”. Poor grammar illustrates a level of intelligence which makes LaVergne appear uneducated. We should make every effort to present our city in a good light considering the negative attention LaVergne receives in the surrounding media.

  29. Amen, MagMom!

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