Open(ish) Thread Monday

Awhile back, MichaelinLV posted a comment that I thought was genius, but didn’t have time to deal with at the moment. Here it is:

I’ve got a suggestion, and maybe this will be a thread for this weekend while Kathy’s out. Why not get everyone to propose something they would like to see changed in La Vergne (be it a new ordinance, a beautification committee, no yard parking, etc.) and let’s figure out some way to present this to the Alderman for comments and consideration. We could possibly even have people sign it like a petition. I don’t know, I’m thinking out loud. I would say we keep it orderly though. One post per proposition.

I just keep hearing people say “Can something be done about x” and that’s a great thing to have a blog for that stuff, but lets see if we can get some actual movement on some of these things we want to see done to make our town great. Kathy, what do you think?

So, what changes would you like to see for the City?


35 Responses

  1. I think the house that is on the property on Chaney should be torn down — why can’t this house be condemned or something. It’s an eyesore and needs to go. But I hear th ownewr is friends with an alderwoman so it might take a while to tear down due to politics.

  2. A 24 hour drop-off site for recyclables.

  3. MagMom- there used to be a great place to put recycling over at Kroger on Northfield in Murfreesboro, but they did away with it a few years ago. I wonder if we could have the same type setup?

  4. Sometimes, I recycle at Sand Hill convenience center but they don’t accept all materials and are closed by the time I get around to it. I used to work in Bellevue and carted all my recyclables over there because it accepted everything (all plastics except clamshells and paperboard). Now, I usually use the bins behind Kroger on Sam Ridley but I can’t find an updated list of what they accept online. Recycle Rutherford’s old info states it doesn’t accept plastics other than#1 and #2 plastics with necks (so, no yogurt cups or margarine tubs) and paperboard is not addressed. I’d imagine there’s some revenue for LV in recycled stuff. Metro Nashville must get some monetary rewards for collecting Nashville’s recyclables?

  5. I agree with Tracey! You know that dump needs to go…beware of wasps nests too. Maybe a HUGE Welcome to La Vergne sign needs to be posted in front to get something in motion.
    My BIGGEST gripes are LOUD CAR STEREOS THAT HAVE FREQUENCIES THAT RATTLE MY PLATES/NERVES/PANCREAS. We have several that live in my sub division that have no respect for their neighbors when they are driving around. Shoot the same bozos are driving down Chaney all the time and I get a good listen to that too. Yard parking too…we have one house that is HORRIBLE to look at with the multitudes of vehicles there. Those are my gripes. My wants would be for my gripes to go away…far away…is that too much to ask for? :-|

  6. I take my recycling to the bins behind Kroger on Sam Ridley. I’m hoping we’ll have bins at our LaVergne Kroger, as well.

    What would I change? I would still hope for some type of beautification requirements for the businesses on M’boro Road. Flowers, seating areas, trees. Fresh paint. And give building owners 5 years to upgrade the exterior of existing buildings that are aluminum, ugly brick, etc. to something nicer. I don’t know what.

    I’d also like the city to review its sign ordinance. The big ugly signs that are everywhere are gross. Call me Lady Bird Johnson if you will, but I’d like to see the signs go. Go Lady Bird!

  7. Our “Welcome to La Vergne” signs are (insert one of George Carlin’s 7 words here….RIP George).

    Those signs are obviously nothing more than decals taken from the same batch used on the sides of vehicles in the city motorpool.

    The “Drivers License Testing Station” signs are bigger than the “Welcome to La Vergne” signs.


  8. Lady Bird (Kathy) is right!!! Someone told me that the signs get permitted by one person all willy-nilly like, for example, business signs at houses. Yes, many of the signs around town are gross. What does that say across the road from the old boat shop, Starbright Auto Sales? Yuck!

    Aren’t there streetscape grants out there? Does the city still have a grant writer?

  9. I also agree with us needing a sign ordinance badly. In M’boro, there are very few signs allowed on and around businesses- I think it’s something like 4. We should adopt something similar.

  10. What would I like to have in LaVergne? ::rubs hands together::

    Sidewalks! I would love to be able to SAFELY walk anywhere I needed to go, if it’s to the store, to my friend’s house, walking the dog, etc. Sidewalks would allow school children to walk to the corner bus stop, meaning that schoolbuses would make fewer stops, take less time on the road, slow less traffic and use LESS DIESEL GASOLINE.

    Bike lanes on heavily used roads! In a subdivision, you’re OK without a bike lane, but on the bigger roads…watch out! I would love to be able to bike to work, but twisty old Mason Road is dangerous enough just for the cars that drive on it. Especially if you’re trying to get past a school bus. And Old Nashville Hwy is dangerous even without being twisty. Eek!

    Flowers and trees and corner parks! It’d be lovely to have a beautiful public garden and park on the corner of a main road, like maybe where that strip mall was levelled at Stones River and M’boro Road. Or maybe next to the new Post Office.

    Turn light arrow at Old Nashville Hwy and Jefferson Pike! There should be time for people turning left to do so before on-coming traffic blocks them.

    Maybe the OLD Post Office bldg. could become a museum and/or local art gallery?

    Summer music nights! Get a line-up of local musicians or school bands to play at the park. Make it acoustic so that you don’t have to worry so much about noise and electric cables. I wonder if Mike’s Guitars might want to get involved.

    Solar panels on public buildings! Or better yet, doubling as sun shades over asphalt parking lots in public places. (2 birds, 1 stone.) Wind turbines don’t do well in this area, but we sure have a lot of sunlight at 36 degrees latitude. Panels are getting cheaper, more efficient and less bulky, and it would be nice if the city could set an example for alternate energy use.

    Trade show! Local businesses set up booths and LaVergnites get to find out more about who and what is available right here at home. I imagine there are some real gems here that I just don’t know about. Instead of big flyers that would end up loose all over the place, maybe the visitors could get a “passport” and each booth could have it’s own sticker. So as you visit a booth, you get their sticker with all their contact info instead of a piece of paper.

    I could go on and on.

  11. I’m with you on those hidious yellow & black signs everywhere. WHOEVER approved those things for all the rentals, businesses, etc. didn’t do the city any favors. They really look tacky in my opinion & have a very unprofessional appearance giving the city a black eye. The numerous signs in all shapes & sizes looks similar to what lower Lafayette used to look like in Nashville years ago. If the main street thru your city looks tacky with the unkept buildings, the numerous signs, the trashy grounds then that impression is what is made on vistors & it is not inviting as a place to live.

  12. I love the idea of turning the old post office into an art gallery. Maybe a sidewalk cafe with a gallery attached? Any entrepreneurs out there?

  13. Ok, here are my suggestions:

    1 – Demolish the Civic Auditorium and build a community center on that site. It may not be the most convinient location, but the city already owns that land and an attraction like a community center could draw other retailers to Old Nashville Highway (ONH)with the increased traffic flow. Would also involve turning ONH into a 3 lane road, two lanes for opposing traffic and a middle turn lane.

    2 – Impose a new “downtown” district on M’Boro road with codes including no tall metal signs, only underground utilities, and attractive street lighting.

    3 – pass an ordinance requiring that cars can only be parked on concrete/gravel/asphalt surfacase, and that 80% of your non-housing property must be pourous (otherwise everyone will just pave over their lawn). Require a city permit for any new driveways/extensions to prevent people from violating this ordinance

    4 – Double the number of codes enforcement officers to help regulate things such as signs posted at intersections, grass height, etc. Could possibly do this by simply offering overtime to current LPD officers so that you don’t have to provide health and 401K to new people.

    5 – Add signs at both ends of M’Boro road welcoming pople to LV. Also add trees in the median and East/West sides of the road from Veterans Memorial Park down to Smyrna. Even Bradford Pears would be an improvement over the current sight.

    BTW, I don’t like the idea of the city buying the old post office and converting it into an art gallery. If the building is for sale and someone buys it with the intention of placing an art gallery there, then great! But I don’t think a municipality should be in the business of owning an art gallery when there is a public library right nearby hat could host an art exhibit.

  14. I used to live in fairy-tale world. It’s formally known as Davis, California. Davis was a small, small town, just outside of Sacramento. In Davis, we had bike lanes, sidewalks, parks, art galleries, coffee shops, even a great market. Sigh…I miss Davis. I realize, we had a huge difference in property taxes, and a state income tax, and the general cost of living is significantly higher there, but…you have a charming town with all the things that I hear (read) people here saying that they’d love to see La Vergne have. In Davis, we even had city run garbage pick up, it was an extra 10.00 on your water bill. Oh, and that also covered curb side recycling. CURB SIDE RECYCLING. Know why? Because cities make huge profits from selling recyclables. There were no obnoxious signage issues, no fireworks at all hours of the night, no 15 car pile ups in front yards. These things were all strictly enforced. La Vergne could be a Davis, but people have to be willing to work for it, and pay for it.

  15. Ms. Pully, thank you for your comment. First of all, I have nothing to do with the codes dept in regards to allowing or not allowing something to be done. As an Alderman or Alderwoman as you have stated, I can only request that the codes dept look into complaints. If a complaint is given to me I TURN IT IN regardles of who it is. You must not know me very well. I do not play favorites. If you care to discuss this further please do not hesitate to give me a call. 793-2469 or e-mail me with your concerns sennamosley Bearroller I turned in the complaint over the yard sale on ONH and all the tall grass issues given to me.

  16. FYI, The city is looking into purchasing the old post office for the storm water dept. and other office space. I think this is a good idea. I also like a lot of ideas that are being discussed here. I wish some of you would consider being on some of the city boards.( beer, library etc.)

  17. Thanks Senna,

    I think its just an eyesore when they leave their yard sale stuff out 24/7 and not selling anything now because it has been picked over.

    Senna rocks!!

  18. After reviewing posts, it appears the complaints fall into a few categories:

    1) Aesthetics: cars parked in yards, trash, storefronts/signage/green spaces/sidewalks, noise, development of parks and cultural perks

    2) Safety: real and perceived threats of crime, “gang” activity, reckless driving, water quality

    3) Growth and development: addition of retail, existing business promotion, limit on LFE housing growth, education

    Our city’s reputation and home values are affected by the 3 items above. I’m not an expert on anything really :) But, let’s face facts: we aren’t going to be able to do anything about multiple operable cars parked in yards or daytime noise from houses/cars. Creating a homeowner’s association for LFE doesn’t seem feasible. A beautification committee might be a good start for addressing aesthetics. I’d be willing to volunteer. If codes violations aren’t being addressed, we should be able to get on the M/A meeting agenda. As far as safety is concerned, it seems that concerned neighbors and the PD are trying to handle that. Please post suggestions re: these factors. To monitor our city’s growth and economic development, we really need someone from LFE representing our viewpoint. It’s disheartening to find out that some involved in decision making are not even residents of LV. There are a lot of people on this blog with good ideas and positive outlooks–Let’s try to make some changes! I understand that we all need to vent our frustrations (myself included). Kathy, maybe a dedicated area for action is needed.

  19. “To monitor our city’s growth and economic development, we really need someone from LFE representing our viewpoint. ”
    I live in LFE, and I’m willing to help out in any way I can.

    “Creating a homeowner’s association for LFE doesn’t seem feasible. A beautification committee might be a good start for addressing aesthetics.”

    I think a homeowners association could benefit LFE, but it would need to be sub divided into the different areas of LFE.
    But if a beautification committee is more in order, than let’s do it. This is why I came here asking people to come help me pick up garbage from our streets. I’m all game for beautifying La Vergne. I’ve said before, and I stand by it, I believe that once we get our city cleaned up and pretty, with flowers and landscaping, people will be less inclined to throw garbage out on the streets and more inclined to keep their own yards nice.

  20. I noticed the “resident” yard sale on ONH has been covered up with blue tarp (now that’s attractive). The clothes are still hanging from the front porch, but the junk next to the road is not viewable. I don’t know if they’re open for business during the day since I’m at work and only pass it early in the morning or late afternoon.

    Thanks Senna for turning this in.

  21. Fortune Cookies, who do we contact to get a Beautification committee formed in an official sense? I’ve recently joined the GreenLaVergne yahoo group and looking forward to our next clean-up.

  22. MagMom – good question…Kathy? Alderman Mosley? Any suggestions?

  23. MagMom- Oh, and welcome to Green LaVergen! :)

  24. Alderman Mosley is obviously behind you all and is a great asset to the city and the citizens separately and as a whole. I know Parks was interested in a Beautification Committee a few years ago. And it was not necessarily picking out the best looking house (like Smyrna’s was for so many years), but cleaning up the look of Mboro Road. Robin Grubb is the Parks Director and might be able to assist you and Alderman Mosley with this type of committee. I’m on vacation this week, so it’s not an official PR stance, just a comment from a citizen of 17 years.

  25. I was driving down the new road toward the new round about. The area between the lake and the road would make a wonderful park and bike path. La Vergne I would think could get a grant to help pay for this project.

    Yes we need to do something about signs. I am seeing more than one 4 x 8 plywood sign with Bubba’s Grill and Shine Auto Repair Tire Shop….. and they all look like they were drunk when the owner made the sign

  26. I talked with Senna late last summer about a Beautification Committee. She said it would have to go before the Board of M/A and the first thing they’d ask is how much it would cost. And for them to approve an official committee, we’d have to have 30-50 people attend the meeting (or three or four meetings). I ran out of steam on it, but have some paperwork I can pass to anyone else who might want to spearhead something like this. Let me know…

  27. I contacted Robin Grubb via email…she knows of our “grass roots” attempt to form a Beautification Group and would like to help. We just all need to congregate and make this happen!

    Where is Sherry from Woodland Hills?!? We need her too!

  28. Great! Lets discuss the formation of the Beautification Committee at our next Green La Vergne gathering. Kathy, can you bring those papers then?

  29. We need all of you to back the beautification committee!! The Board of M/A would have to approve this committee, but they are always looking for positive ideas to improve our city. I think a good showing of people willing to commit to this committee would help. As most of you know, we are having trouble getting people to volunteer for boards and commitees now. P.S. We need someone for the storm water board and library board!!!! I think art in the library would be an asset!!!

  30. art anywere in the city ould be an asset. I don’t think junk in someone’s yard is considered art for those of you that think it does….lol…..

  31. sorry anywere=anywhere

    this laptop sometimes doesnt type right…..

  32. LaVergne needs a weekend once a month to just clean house. Alderman Mosley, I have seen the white City van with the trailer and the prisoners working along the roads. Could we form a work crew consisting of prisoners, and residents along with a city worker to drive the van and to pick up the work crew from the county jail (by the way if he works with me you will see him work, not just stand and watch)? We could also contact some of the developers and builders that started this mess and ask them to help. TEST QUESTION: What city lets a developer start building from the back of a subdivision forward and not widen the roads or fix the infrastructure as he comes out? They have made their money, its time for them to help make their mess livable. We could also ask stores like Lows, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart for trees, bushes or any thing that could be planted in LaVergne. We know which roads need cleaning. We could clean a few roads each month, after a few months we would start to see a difference, with all of its faults, this is our town, and maybe one day we will start to see a little city pride.

  33. Oleme,
    sounds like a great idea. I had asked before to use inmates but someone told me we couldnt.

    I see the yard sale has moved next door to another yard just within 3 hours. This is funny. I talked with Senna and she tells me if they stay for a period of time there is a privlage tax they have to pay. Come on city gov. go get the money these people owe us for keeping this yard sale open for over a month now. I know if one of us from this site was behind on our taxes you would put a lien on our property. If these people think that they can leave their stuff out all the time and think they can run a business then they should pay like a business.

    Happy 4th everyone and remember to use safety with your children when lighting fireworks. and please remember to clean up your messes if you shoot them off in the street or they come into someone else’s yard!

  34. Alderman Mosley
    Are you or the LaVergne PD aware of TN 2007 Litter Law (TCA 39-14-5) if not this is the site.

  35. lost/50, I am so excited that you brought this up!! While we were in Memphis at the TML conference, Alderman Green and I visited the state booth regarding the STOPLITER campaign and picked up information regarding this law. It will be brought up at our next M/A workshop.

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