It’s another Woot-Off!

Typically Woot sells only one item per day, but during a Woot-Off once an item is sold out another is offered.  I’ve picked up some really great things from Woot (a camera for $70 that’s $160 at WalMart, screaming monkeys, and more), so love the Woot-Offs.

And at the end you can sometimes buy a bag of crap.  Check it out!


The Ruthies Are Here

Dudes!  It’s time for the annual “Ruthies” awards – where readers of The Daily News Journal vote for their favorites.  I nominated Senna Mosely as our favorite elected official in LaVergne and I’m posting here to urge readers to vote for her.  Why?  Although she may not always be right, at least she takes time to read about the issues, ask questions, and talk to the voters of LaVergne about their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

So please.  Go here and scroll down to People and Places.  There you’ll find the category “Favorite Elected Official LaVergne” and you can either write in her name or cast a vote for her! (Or for whoever you want to vote for!)

Oh… and there’s another category (ahem!) for favorite real estate agent LaVergne favorite real estate agent, and favorite real estate company.  :)  I’m just saying…  

LaVergne also has categories for favorite doctor, favorite dentist, favorite drug store/pharmacy, favorite place to get haircut/style, favorite auctioneer, banker, place of worship, and florist.  I may have missed some, but go vote!

Little Rearranging & LaV Green Update

I went to the Green LaVergne meeting today at WillStan’s Grille and was excited to meet several of our regular readers/commenters on this blog.  I heard that many readers go to the “latest comments” section first, so I’m bumping it up so it’s the first right hand column on this site.  Also, we’ll be adding a couple of new site authors as a result!  Woo-hoo!

Meanwhile, Jennie sent this update from the Yahoo group.  The goals definitely seem reachable.

Here’s a summary of our inaugural meeting. First, we plan on contacting the city to determine if any community clean-ups are planned. We also want to find out about the progress of the greenway project since clean-up of those proposed sites might appeal to many residents. Apparently, the land between the Stones River Rd roundabout and Hurricane Creek boat ramp has been targeted for greenway development. This area would be a great place for an initial clean-up.

For future clean-ups, we intend to ask about supplies for garbage collection and support in hauling trash bags away from clean-up sites from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Ideas for recruitment and promotion include: blog posts, a City of La Vergne website announcement, a LaVergne Channel 3 spot, TV &/or newspaper feature, sign-ups at National Night Out and Old Timer’s Day, announcements for church and civic groups (e.g., BSA, Girl Scout groups, Rotary Club, Lions), flyers at local places (e.g., Senior Citizens’ center, library, community center, school registrations, businesses), and banners or signage in front of city hall.

Additional goals we hope to achieve include: recognition of beautiful, well-landscaped residential yards, contacting Recycle Rutherford for help coordinating recyclable collection bins (behind new Kroger), Farmer’s Market featuring locally grown produce on Murfreesboro Rd near Fergus Rd intersection, progress report on LFE park, LHS Horticulture group’s unsold plants as donations to local businesses for curbside planting, and Stones River Rd roundabout greenery planting.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Green LaVergne group,

We are seeking like-minded individuals and groups to help with recruitment, organization, advertisement, and garbage collection. Please join our yahoo group to get involved and help us build support for “greening up” La Vergne.

Repost: Green LaV Meeting TODAY

From earlier this week:

The founders of Green LaVergne are planning to meet on Sunday at 2′ish (2:00, 2:30 whenever you can get there) at WillStan’s Grille to talk about future projects.  Gina says,

… we can all bring our ideas to a common table while under air conditioning. If we get all of our “ducks in a row” as a group, maybe something amazing will be the result.

Come one, come all!  We’d love to see some citizen participation in our efforts to make LaVergne “The Green” (although La Vert is really “the green” in French)!

It’s the little things.

This Tickled My Funnybone

I am thankful this Friday night that this photo is NOT from our fair town.

Taken from the Fail Blog.

Twirlers to be in Parade


My daughter is in the Parade Corps of the Tennessee Twirlers, and I just learned that they’ll be in the parade for Old Timer’s Day.  In addition, we’ll have a booth while there so some of the twirlers can show their moves like the “one spin” “two spin” and others.  I wish they were old enough to do fire baton!!

If you want more information about enrolling your daughter (or son!) in baton twirling, there’s a weekly class right here in LaVergne.  Read more about The Tennessee Twirlers here.

What are your plans for Old Timer’s Day?  Business booth?  Parade watcher?  Skipping it?

Baaaaaaa’d Time Killer

My friend Rocket sent me this addictive game.

I played once and the husband already complained about the Baaaa’ing.  Great way to annoy your co-workers! 

Have fun!