Show Us Your Vids!

I just cruised YouTube to see if there were any interesting, fun, or exciting videos about LaVergne.  There are not.  There are only videos of Realtors talking about their fabulous listings.  So let’s have some fun this weekend!  Get out your video camera and record a movie about LaVergne!  Fireworks!  Picnics!  Loud car stereos!  Show us your vids!

Load it on YouTube, send me a link, and we’ll feature your video as we get them.

Come on… you can do it.

VIDEO ONE:  What can be more All-Ameircan than eating corn on the cob?  Feeding your Shih-Tzu corn on the cob, of course.

Thank you Tammy!  For the real fun, watch Crawford in “Is That a Nipple, Dad?”

Meanwhile, here’s a link to our Wikipedia entry.


3 Responses

  1. how about shih-tzu’s eating corn on the cob? :-D

  2. Here’s a video of our 4th of July in La Vergne:

  3. There is one on You Tube about the LaVergne Fire Department. It is simply amazing.

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