LaV Fire Department Video

Reader Christie commented about a LaVergne Fire Department video to be found on YouTube.  I found it.  I recognize a lot of places, but not all of them.  Some actually remind me of Lexington, Ky. with the white fences, etc.

In any case, this gives you a real appreciation for our fire fighters.


5 Responses

  1. I think its a great video. The words to the song goes right along with the pictures. We did have a fire fighter that was treated at the hospital the other night from the big fire here in LaVergne. He was treated and released and is doing fine. Amen to the fire fighters who work extremely hard!

  2. One picture stood out to me because it was behind my house. I’m curious to know what happen. From the picture, it looked it it was on the corner of Nir Shriebman and Madison Square Blvd. They were spray water in a vacant field. Any ideas? Or I could be wrong.

    Also, is it still legal to set off fireworks after the 4th in La Vergne? I was sitting on my patio last night and my “wonderful” neighbors were shooting them and I had debris falling all over me. So much for enjoying my patio. And if the fireworks are supposed to stop, then I’m surprised the police haven’t stop it. They have to hear them. It’s right next door to them.

  3. I don’t think that there is anything stating that you can’t set them off. You just can’t do it between 11 pm and 7 am.

  4. I think that’s a load of ****. And you would think these adults (yes, they are adults shooting them off) could pick up after themselves.

  5. You would think so but some people just don’t care. I have a neighbor who cuts his grass and blows grass all in the road. Looks crappy. I take care of mine. But now he’s got a blower and guess what, he blows to my side of the road. I feel like taking his blower and sticking up his tail feathers.

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