Citizen Outreach from the PoPo’s

I’ve had but one run-in – if you will – with the LaVergne police.  And it wasn’t really a run-in per se.  I was flagged down for going 20-25’ish (I don’t remember now) in that 15 MPH zone as you cross the railroad bridge on Jefferson.  The considerate, wonderful officer just gave me a friendly “slow down” and sent me on my way.   I was very impressed that I received a warning and not a ticket and have loved our PD ever since!

I am finally sitting in front of my computer long enough this afternoon to cruise to my usual favorite online sites and found this article in the Daily News Journal, Officers interact with citizens on beat.

When the weather is nice, he spends his shift driving around the subdivision checking with residents to make sure there are no problems in the neighborhood. If there are, it’s his job to find the person or persons causing them.

The article went on to say that the police substation in Lake Forest is still planned, but they’re STILL waiting for water, electric, and paving to be done.  What the heck, LaV?  Maybe we should put some of these developers in charge of these last details because God knows they can put up a house in *394 seconds flat.

I think we have a phenomenal police force and am very pleased to see this type of grassroots work.

By the way, how is Officer Tartt?  Any more benefits planned?  Where can we donate if we can?

*Perhaps I exaggerate a tad.


4 Responses

  1. I haven’t heard anything about Officer Tartt since the dinner

  2. I see the police cruise thru my subdivision all the time; Stones River.
    I just wish they would park over at the turnabout and teach all those people coming from the Lake Forest side to actually YIELD when going around. I’m coming from the school side and about get hit everytime when I go around. YIELD people, YIELD!

  3. I have noticed that too on the round-a-bout and its usually someone yapping on their phone

  4. You seem to have a very nice community!! But if we had an officer such as K. Kaul, I might have to speed a little so I could get a ticket. =-)

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