What Happened In Lake Forest Last Night?

The reports from Lake Forest are this- last night starting about 9 PMish, the police were sighted walking around on foot with flashlights. This escalated over time until there were at least 6 police cars in this area and a helicopter with a spotlight around midnight. I received reports from people in the area that 1. The police were looking for someone named “Willie” and 2. Someone with long hair was arrested and put into the back of a police car at the corner of Ardee and Bill Stewart.

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on the news about this. Does anyone know what happened?

EDIT: This is what I have from a source who works for a local news outlet:

woman called cops after man raped her daughter in their home. Police caught him in the woods in Forest Acres.”

More as I find it.

EDIT 2: Here’s a link to a news story about it.


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  1. Ok, I’m going to try and comment on this as sensitively as possible.

    What happened to that little girl last night was and is terrible. That guy should be castrated and thrown in a hole to die of starvation. ok, I know that sounds mean and not very Christian. I probably wouldn’t support the above action, but that’s how angry this story makes me right now.

    With that said, I do not believe this story should be used to shed a negative light on La Vergne or Lake Forest Estates. This family happens to live in LFE, but the perpetrator was cearly a reltaive (Since the man was charged with incest, they were close family members, perhaps father and daughter). Whether this family chose to live in La Vergne, Smyrna, Ashland City, or Spring Hill, this was clearly a very sick man who happens to reside in our city with his family.

    I will say this is great PR for LPD in that the pervert did not get away and was caught within a few hours. I think most of us agree that our PD is doing a good job, regardless of what might have happened in the past under different Chief’s.

    The best PR for La Vergne would be to have a police force like the Maytag man (looking for something to do because there’s no crime to fight). But until then, the best thing to have is a police force that responds quickly and effectively.

  2. I agree with you, Michael. While this is horrible for that family, it’s fortunate that our police responded so quickly and effectively. And hopefully that guy is going away for good.

  3. What about the fact that the media keeps referring to “a La Vergne man makes TBI’s Top Ten list.” Um, his last known address was in La Vergne, but don’t you think if he was still here they would have caught him by now!?!?

    All I would ask is that the re-title their story “Former La Vergne man makes TBI’s Top Ten list

  4. This story just mortifies me. I am in complete agreement that the man should be thrown down a mud pit and let it be filled with snakes, spiders, and rats.

    I’ve also been irritated with the media for continually saying “LaVergne Man…” He USED to live here people!

    I actually want to applaud our police force for their work these days. They’ve been FANTASTIC in a pretty thankless job. We appreciate all our officers!

  5. My heart goes out to those kids. I am overwhelmed and relievd he was caught.

    Kudos to la vergne police! They we’re very diligent as I witnessed myself.

    This can happen anywhere, USA.

  6. I’m very glad they caught him quickly too. Sadly, this type of thing can happen in Belle Meade, La Vergne, Hendersonville, wherever.
    As far as providing some good PR for La Vergne, has anyone seen this report fromNews Ch.5, July 2?

    they say two things in positive light:
    1. ” The shooting shocked people in the quiet neighborhood. ”
    2. “Incidents such as the shooting in La Vergne are rare, but parents still worry about their children.”

  7. Castration would be a good option if that is how he views kids, and his own at that. This isn’t like an 17 and 18 year old unrelated couple.

  8. i hear Lake Forest is just a breeding ground for gangs, butr it seems to be quiet when i drive through. cant believe everything you hear in the news :)

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