Good Ole’ Boy network alive and well at LHS

Here’s the story:

So from what I’ve gathered, Jeremy Moore was the head basketball coach at LHS and George Hockenberry is an Assistant Principal. Moore filed a complaint against George Hockenberry following “a verbal altercation”. More quits and guess who is named interim head coach? Why none other than Hockenberry’s son Bill Hockenberry!!!

So the article says they interviewed 4 adults (wow, that’s a serious investigation) and no one could backup Moore’s story.  I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong, but I know it looks bad when you’ve got an altercation between a coach and an administrator, and once all has died down the administrator’s son takes the coach’s job. By the way, the son is only 22. He could not possibly be qualified to take over a 5A basketball program.

Ok, the son Bill Hockenberry is currently only interim head coach, but who wants to make a bet that he is named full time head coach soon? Coach Moore may have been wrong and George Hockenberry may be right, but by naming his son interim head coach, this just stinks of corruption.

This isn’t directly related to La Vergne proper, but since the school is (barely) within city limits I thought it would make good news here.


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  1. Good grief. Nepotism will always be with us, won’t it? Thanks for bringing this to light!

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