I am heading out of town for several days (taking Girl Scouts to Pigeon Forge, God help me), so I’m leaving this in the dependable hands of Ivy, Chip, M., MichaelinLV, and other authors who want to pop in and say hello!

Meanwhile, what’s on your mind LaVergne?  I’ve been kind of upset to hear about Officer Tartt not being told whether he has a job or not, nor being given light duty while he recovers from this devastating illness.  Also I’m still horrified about the incident a few days ago by the so-called “Dad”… I don’t want to be graphic right here because this impression of LaV will certainly give all of us a black eye. 

Who’s ready for school to start in a couple of weeks?  Anyone have anything else?


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  1. The summer has gone by quickly and its hard to believe that school is starting soon. Anybody started their school shopping yet? I have.

  2. remember LaVergne tax free weekend is August 1st till the 3rd. save money then.

  3. I had my first experience with the new post office this morning. I had a notice a certified letter was at the post office. It said the office hours were 8am-4:30pm so I talked with my boss and told him I’d be about 15 minutes late because I needed to pick up that letter. (I work downtown.) To my surprise it was 8:30am and I missed nearly an hour of work today. I’ll consider that a lesson learned.

  4. Kohl’s 15% off for family and friends is the weekend after the 10% state tax free weekend. Save more money then.

  5. I just got the small stuff like crayons, pencils, etc.

  6. I went to the La Vergne post office for the first time this weekend to buy postage stamps. I noticed that they do not have a postgage machine where you can buy stamps after hours. What’s up with that? A post office with no postage machine.

  7. Does anyone have news about when Old Navy is opening?

  8. Thomas, I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that the new post office would have an after hours stamp machine that would also accept check/debit cards. By what you’re saying, I guess that didn’t happen. I know I can get them at the grocery store, but it does seem strange that the post office wouldn’t have them after hours. I wonder why.

  9. There’s an Old Navy opening?! Where? I may have to get a part-time job for the discounts. :)

  10. Old Navy is going to be over in the shopping center where Target/Kohl’s is.

  11. Awesome! Hopefully those rumors I keep hearing about Torrid in LaVergne are true, I’ll have plenty of places to buy clothes nearby.

  12. Where Homes are Affordable
    24. La Vergne, TN

    Median home price: $127,000
    Median family income: $68,590

    Like road trips? You’ll love La Vergne. The city’s central position puts it one day’s drive from 75% of the U.S. population. Its location, which is easily accessible from three interstates and the nearby Nashville airport, also appeals to major corporations like Ingram Books, Bridgestone/Firestone and Whirlpool, all of which have a presence in La Vergne.

    There’s plenty to do inside the city limits, too, with shopping and a range of restaurant and shopping choices. Prices for three-bedroom homes start at under $90,000. –B.B.


  13. Wow, I may now have something good to say about CNN! Here’s more info from their site (where do they get the salary data?)

    The article must be dated though, it still lists whirpool.

    And lets face it, we have one of the nicest libraries around, why can’t more of our developement look like this?

  14. How about the new Kroger? Anyone hear an opening date for them???

  15. I don’t think that is true about Old Navy in Smyrna, unless they have confirmed that recently. I heard Kroger is opening in August.

  16. No, there is no Old Navy coming to the Target shopping center. They were originally recruiting Kohl’s and Old Navy, clearly Kohls won out.

  17. That’s too bad.

  18. I thought they might come to the shopping center in LV that they were building right next to Target, but it appears construction has stopped there. Anyone know why? Also, does anyone know what they’re constructing off I-24 right before you get to Davidson County?

  19. Kroger is opening on August 6th. Their gas pumps are supposed to open a month or two later.

  20. Ross is supposed to go in at some point.

  21. From the CNN article: “There’s plenty to do inside the city limits, too, with shopping and a range of restaurant and shopping choices.”


  22. I saw last night that Ross is opening this weekend.

  23. There is a sign on the door for Ross’s that they are opening on Friday

  24. it’s about time Ross opens! We drove by a week or two ago and there were just the racks and shelving in the middle of the floor. Can’t wait to go find some bargains!

  25. A client of mine said that he saw a sign over by where the move theater is being constructed stating that Old Navy was coming soon. I haven’t seen it for myself I am just going by what he said.

  26. The sign I saw in front of said theater was a CiCi’s Pizza coming soon…

    Does anybody know how to contact the theater for possible employment?

  27. This is a link to the theater website showing the Smyrna location.

  28. If you go to it has the Smyrna location but no phone number.

  29. Thank you!!!

  30. FYI – new post on Green LaVergne on Yahoo group…

  31. I don’t know what they’re building off I-24 just before the county line but I wish they’d quit bulldozing all the trees. Keeping trees makes a property worth more, gives it some protection from weather and sun and is easier on the eyes…

  32. Kitti, I used to agree with you about the trees, and I still do to some extent. In my subdivision, many of the old poplar and Cedar Trees were left standing, but the leveling and excavation required around here to build a solid house cut off much of the root system. So 3-5 years after construction was done, trees began dying and homeowners would have to pay $600 – $1200 per tree to remove them. I like the trees, and I think a better solution is to leave as many trees as you can, but plant more (and not just the two bradford pears, I would love to see more maple’s, willows, and evergreens)

  33. I believe our own “subdivision regulations” require leaving certain sizes of trees & green space, but our planning commission, engineers & planners evidently don’t go by these regs — go figure!!!! Again certain folks clear & build as they want without regard to rules, regulations & I feel sometimes laws! Look around . . .

  34. I have looked at many of the regulations in La Vergne. There is no ordinance or subdivision regulation against clear cutting in La Vergne. Not that there shouldn’t be…

    There is a greenspace requirement for condos and apartments. One of the former city planners tried to pass an ordinance requiring certain trees be left behind, etc., but it did not pass.

    I doubt the city can enforce anything that is not in place.

  35. Speaking of bulldozing.. I noticed they started clearing the area behind Region’s bank on M’boro rd and Nir Shreibman. From what I understand they will be a dollar store (another one) and a laundry mat. For heaven sakes!!!!! Can La Vergne bring in better things than that? I would love to have a smoothie king or a penn station sub. There are so many things Symrna doesn’t have (yet). Why not La Vergne jump on it before they do? But, at least we have a Kroger now. Looking forward to grocery shop again. Haven’t done it since Southern closed. Can’t stand to wait in the lines at Food Lion.

  36. What’s all the cable being run through stones river/lavergne drive/david’s way part of lake forest development?
    People in a truck that looks like a comcast truck has been putting up giant rolls of cabling the past couple days.

  37. The City is not required to enforce your subdivision regulations. Regulations of this type are called “Restrictive Covenants”, these restrictions are greater than what is required by the local governing body. These restrictions are recorded at the Registrar of Deeds office when the Final Plat is recorded. These restrictions are enforced either by a homeowners association or individual home owners.
    Fred is correct, if it is not on the books you lose in court. Employees of the City do not write the regulations, if you want to see something changed or added contact the elected officials.

  38. michaelinLV, you’re right that damaging roots will kill the tree (as will topping it, tho’ a bit more slowly.) I used to live in Hailey Hills and many trees were successfully left by the builders. 15 years later, they’re still in great health.

    And yes, away with the bradford pears! Bring on the maples and evergreens! Willows I’m leary of; they want to burst into your water mains and drink up all the lovely water. I like poplars and oak as well, for larger plots and backyards.

  39. So, I saw something of interest driving to the Goodwill donation center today. I saw that off Old Nashville kind of back behind Advanced Auto Parts, the LaVergne PAL is opening up a boxing gym. Anybody have any information on that? Like what all will be in the warehouse type thing, or when it may open, anything like that?

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