The Ruthies Are Here

Dudes!  It’s time for the annual “Ruthies” awards – where readers of The Daily News Journal vote for their favorites.  I nominated Senna Mosely as our favorite elected official in LaVergne and I’m posting here to urge readers to vote for her.  Why?  Although she may not always be right, at least she takes time to read about the issues, ask questions, and talk to the voters of LaVergne about their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

So please.  Go here and scroll down to People and Places.  There you’ll find the category “Favorite Elected Official LaVergne” and you can either write in her name or cast a vote for her! (Or for whoever you want to vote for!)

Oh… and there’s another category (ahem!) for favorite real estate agent LaVergne favorite real estate agent, and favorite real estate company.  :)  I’m just saying…  

LaVergne also has categories for favorite doctor, favorite dentist, favorite drug store/pharmacy, favorite place to get haircut/style, favorite auctioneer, banker, place of worship, and florist.  I may have missed some, but go vote!


8 Responses

  1. Kathy got my vote(s). She puts up with my jaded opinions, so she definitely deserves it!!!

  2. Once one is nominated isn’t it supposed to show up on the voting page? Didn’t find Senna’s name when I went in to vote.

  3. I believe the editor must approve it first…

  4. I voted for Senna Mosely as well; we need to look at getting more leaders in the city council that live in the LFE district and will be thus motivated to ensure it remains a good place to live (or to make it better)

    officials who live outside the area can/will/do have the subconscious mentality “not my neighborhood, not my problem” and have little motivation to do things for the area which could be better, even when decisions are tough/not good for the wallet/etc.

  5. There are still NO LISTINGS for La Vergne — what’s up with that???

  6. I emailed Mealand and asked her what was up with that, but haven’t heard back.

    I’m also getting a little impatient waiting for them to post our nominees because I think the people who are now up get an unfair advantage. They’ll have more days for people to cast votes.

    As Crickett says, the DNJ does reserve the right to deny any nominees… maybe the editor hates us. I don’t know what gives.

    Maybe I’ll shoot an email to Mr. Stockard and ask him what’s going on. Or YOU can contact him at

  7. I have emailed Mr. Stackard as well . . . “What’s up with you not posting La Vergne nominees? How long does it take to review them & qualify them? I’ve tried to vote & cannot see any results for same. If you are not going to post them, why include La Vergne at all? Is it a matter of who you like & who you don’t? It appears to be another case of DNJ not covering La Vergne like it does other Rutherford County cities. Please advise.”

    Hope to get a positive response soon. This is more than unfair to our nominees . . .

  8. I heard back from Mealand. She said that they’ve gotten over 3000 nominations in the last few days, so are behind in getting them online. I now completely sympathize with the delay. They’ll be coming!

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