Patience, Grasshopper

I have never been accused of being a patient person.  I am definitely a participant in the immediate gratification society (aka the McDonald’s population).  So I felt a teensie bit bad about sic’ing everyone on Mr. Stockard regarding the Ruthies.

I heard back from Mealand Ragland Hudgins today.  They’ve had over 3,000 entries in the last few days with just one person to enter them all.  The person reviewing them has asked for some help from other writers/editors so we should see new names and places posted over the next week or so.

Meanwhile I hear that Senna has been nominated MANY times.  You go, girl.

Keep checking for people to vote for here.

And here’s more crappy news of a drug arrest in LaVergne.  What is wrong with people?????


11 Responses

  1. Well, the good news is the police understood and acted upon the importance of keeping the children at the nearby daycare safe and out of harm’s way. Thank goodness for that much foresight on the behalf of the La V police officers.

  2. I view the drug bust as good newz. It means one less person in our city commiting crime out of his house. Way to tie up the “loose Endz” Chief Boyd!

  3. It is good to see that these guys are off the street and away from the daycare. The La Vergne PD is doing a good job – keep up the good work!!!

    Nice one, Michael! These fellas better watch their Endz now.

  4. Hey everyone back on line!! I have a new service and a new e-mail I also want to thank you for your vote of confidence in the Ruthie Awards. I do love our community and try to do my best in making it a great place to live, but it takes all of us working together to get this done. Thanks again for thinking of me. P.S. Way to go LPD!!!!!!

  5. TED BOYD & CREW ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    Way ta go, LPD!!!!

    This is probably one of the only instances where La Vergne losing a business is a GOOD thing.

    I think I may have accidentally voted for Senna twice on the Ruthie site.

    Oh wait…..that was no accident.

  6. But Senna is still not posted, although Sherry Green is — wonder why??? I know that Senna has been nominated many time & voted for many more. What has Green done & shown anyone since she’s been in office? Don’t recall her ever going to bat for a citizen at a meeting or digging & researching into any of the problems dealing with the city. Looks a little suspicious to me . . . my opinion.

  7. To quote Charlie Brown – “Good grief.”

    Cee Dee, you drive me crazy with your conspiracy theories. It seems like everything is a conspiracy to you. Did you ever stop to think that maybe Ms. Green was nominated before Ms. Mosely and they are entering the names in the system in the order they were submitted?

    I don’t have have an opinion about who is the “better” elected official. The city council members ALL need to work together to get the job done. It’s not one member versus everyone else. The sooner we stop trying to raise one person up over the rest, the sooner the city will work together and maybe get some good things accomplished.

    Since we are talking about the city council, has anyone heard of anybody else running for alderman? I’ve just heard about Mosely and Slinker.

  8. I don’t think Waldron has made an official decision yet. Does anyone remember what the filing deadline is?

  9. So, is it true that the cops are now going around and getting serial numbers because theft is getting so bad in Lake Forest?

  10. Where did you hear this? I haven’t heard a peep out of LFE in a while….

  11. Really Johnny? The police in this town are going door to door asking people to provide them with serial numbers for their private property?

    If somebody comes to your door dressed as a cop asking for serial numbers, shut the door and call 911. Sounds like a scam to me. If this is what happened to you Johnny, you might want to check with the real police.

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